What CBD Oil Dose Should I be Taking for Anxiety?

best dose cbd oil for anxiety

CBD and anxiety have become a common pair lately in the holistic food supplement market. CBD Oil is cited more and more often as offering relief to people, both women and men, suffering with anxiety. But can such claims about CBD products be believed?

The problem with CBD products and other hemp products like CBG oils is that they can only be marketed as food supplements. No medical benefits are proven as not enough research study has yet been done. Leaders across the EU have conflicting views on CBD food supplements and their position in the health and wellness market, but most agree for now that they are not recognised as having medicinal benefits. Further, more extensive research is needed.

In saying this there are many published results of a positive nature from clinical trials and studies completed by researchers around CBD and its dosage effects on the body. These results plus testimonial evidence from people who use CBD oil to supplement their food diet paves a clear path for CBD’s potential benefits.

So, like all good articles let’s review what anxiety is and what supplement dose of CBD oil may help?

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is categorised as experiencing feelings such as worry and fear. It can be mild for some people or more severe for others. Some men and women experience the side effects of anxiety daily while for other it comes in bouts or more sporadically. In saying this it is normal for everyone to feel anxious at points in their lives. For example, if you sit your driver’s test, college exams or interview for an important role you are more than likely going to feel anxious in some way.

However, people who suffer with anxiety can become anxious more easily and find it a struggle to control feelings of worry and fear. Anxiety can bring on irrational thoughts and daily challenges for those who experience it long term. The diagnosis for a long-term form of anxiety is generalised anxiety disorder or GAD. This is only diagnosed when the person is consistently experiencing anxiousness as a result of different reasons rather than one major cause.

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CBT for anxiety ireland

Anxiety is a symptom of some health conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), disorders associated with panic and social anxiety or phobia. Side effects of such disorders can be anxiety bouts or depression as a result of a traumatic event in a person’s life.

What is the Medical Treatment for Anxiety?

A person usually must experience anxiety for quite some time before a doctor will look at using medication to treat the symptoms. The medications used to treat anxiety are also used to treat symptoms of depression and so need serious consideration before any commitment is made.

Besides prescription medications there are other methods of treatment for persistent anxiousness. Talking therapy with a psychotherapist or other form of professional is used to help anxious feelings be aired and understood. Another method of talk therapy is called CBT. This stands for cognitive behavioural therapy and teaches the patient to identify when they are going down a negative thought cycle. Techniques are taught to people with anxiety and depression so that they can positively deal with any current negative thoughts in their mind.

Recently however, food supplement methods have emerged as potentially helpful to those suffering with anxiety long term. CBD oil has been anecdotally linked to potential relief from anxious thoughts by both men and women who add the oil to their food diet daily. This form of supplementation is taken like any vitamin or mineral supplement, as an extra dose of nutrients for the body and in this case the brain. So, what is CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound also known as Cannabidiol which lives in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is a close relative of the cannabis plant group and so often gets confused with another relative of cannabis, marijuana. Hemp and marijuana both contain the same cannabinoids, mainly CBD and THC, but in different amounts.

Hemp primarily contains CBD and has over 100 other cannabinoids present in small amounts including THC. Marijuana’s primary cannabinoid however is THC and that is why it can cause intoxication and a so-called ‘high’. CBD found in hemp is different as it is the dominant cannabinoid here and is non-toxic. This makes hemp-derived CBD safe to ingest and use daily as a food supplement like any other vitamins one might add to their diet. CBD has low-psychoactive properties so is not capable of causing a ‘high’.

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Despite the safe levels of cannabinoids present in CBD oils and other CBD food supplements, most leaders and governments do not believe or authorise CBD as having medicinal benefits of any kind. A research study on CBD is underway but more needs to be done to confirm the host of anecdotal evidence available online from people.

The Endocannabinoid System Explained

CBD or Cannabidiol is scientifically proven to interact with the human body through a system referred to as the Endocannabinoid System. This system, we call it the ECS for short, works by delivering signals around the body and spurring interactions. The signals act as alarms for areas of the body that need rebalancing and alert the ECS to bodily functions that are not working correctly.

Research scientists have discovered some but not all the functions of the ECS. Areas of the body that are controlled by the ECS include metabolism, hormonal responses, stress responses, sleep and mood among others. CBD works with the human (and animal) body to bind to cannabinoid receptors and activate signals. They mirror the role of neurotransmitters called Endocannabinoids which are naturally made in the body.

What is the difference between CBD Oils & CBD Gummies?

CBD oils and CBD Gummies differ in terms of properties and potency. CBD oils typically come in a wide variety of strengths from 500mg to 3000mg CBD content whereas CBD Gummies are usually a standard amount of CBD per one.

The other difference is the method itself of taking these supplements. CBD oil must be go through an absorption process under the tongue in the mouth to enter the bloodstream. CBD Gummies are eaten and pass through the body’s digestive system before releasing the effects of the CBD content.

Some people say that CBD oils are fast-acting in comparison to CBD Gummies as they don’t have to pass through digestion, but CBD Gummies remain very popular among regular CBD users. Each gummy is potent enough to release the CBD concentration even after passing through digestive organs. Usually, it simply comes down to the person themselves and how they prefer to take a supplement – orally using drops or through food like jellies.

What’s the Best CBD Oil Dose for Anxiety?

The important factor to remember when using CBD for anxiety is that CBD is biphasic. Biphasic means that CBD can have a positive effect when taken in the correct dose but a negative effect when taken in a high dose. Any reputable CBD brand will be aware of this possibility so don’t risk buying high strength oil before doing your research or asking the question first.

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Lower strength CBD oil is anecdotally claimed to have positive effects on those with anxious thoughts. Research studies although small in scale also show positive benefits to the health of those suffering with depression and anxiety.

However, be wary of brands making medical claims as this is not permitted in most countries in Europe. The CBD market is classed as a food supplement market which can act on your body just like a calcium dose for bone health or a vitamin D tablet for immune system function.

How to take/use CBD for Anxiety?

Speaking from personal experience, using CBD oil for anxiety is quite easy and affordable. Low to mid-strength oils are enough to take every day for example 500mg (5% CBD) or 1000mg (10%) CBD is plenty.

A 20mg-30mg CBD dose each day is the way to start for almost everyone beginning their CBD supplement journey. The number of drops to take will depend on the strength of your oil, and you can easily work this out once you know the mg to aim for. My advice is to be consistent with your doses as CBD needs to build up a base in your body’s system to be continuously effective. Random doses may help some people but not everyone.

As with any health supplement like a multivitamin for example, they need to build within the body to be effective long term. Get into a daily habit and stick to it and most importantly find a reliable, quality CBD product brand that can answer your questions and offer quick delivery. My go-to option for CBD oils is the Irish online store Dr. Hemp Me.

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