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Is CBG Oil the latest health food supplement craze to hit Ireland?


So, what is CBG Oil?

CBG or Cannabigerol is yet another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. CBD and THC were probably the most well-known cannabinoids until recently but CBG is quickly making a name for itself on the natural supplement scene. CBG takes a chemical form of CBGA and is usually broken down and becomes combined with the acids that turn into CBD and THC. That simply means that very little CBG is present in most strains of cannabis, as low as 1%. Thankfully cannabis growers can alter their production of plants to create ones with higher levels of CBG in them. When the potential of CBG in the body was discovered, growers worked on developing more CBG in their cannabis plants.

What I personally love about Dr Hemp Me’s CBG oil tincture is the fact that it contains as much CBD as it does CBG. I have, as you can tell by my review site, been an avid user of CBD products for the last few years so was initially reluctant to try the latest cannabinoid concentrate on the market. I was happy to find out upon purchase of this oil that it is a 1:1 concentrate – 1 part CBD and 1 part CBG. This oil combines the benefits of both cannabinoids in the one supplement and I was relieved to discover it worked just as well for my anxiety as CBD oil did alone.

How can CBG Oil help?

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As with CBD oil, CBG oil works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies (also called ECS). The ECS is essentially responsible for balance and equilibrium in the body. There is still research being done on the wide array functions this system affects but it is known by those in the cannabis industry that many health issues can be helped or supported by the inclusion of cannabinoids like CBD and CBG in our diets. Cannabinoids like CBG attach to the cell receptors which make up the ECS and help to regulate functions that may be out of whack for whatever reason. In this way we can say that CBG can aid your body to help itself.

Some people will argue that CBD is the best cannabinoid to take as part of your diet. Other will argue the new found CBG. Either way it is important to note that both of these cannabinoids work their best when working in conjunction with each other. Working side by side in synergy with one another, CBG and CBD are a perfect match. This brings me to a particular term by the name of the ‘entourage effect’. The entourage effect refers to cannabinoids working in unison to improve your health even more so than when they’re working in isolation on their own. Dr Hemp Me’s CBG oil certainly provides this beneficial ‘effect’ as it combines one part CBG to one part CBD.

Why take CBG oil over CBD oil?

This question is both easy and hard to answer as with Dr Hemp Me’s CBG product you don’t have to sacrifice your CBD intake in order to give CBG oil a try. This CBG oil mixes the various benefits of CBD oil and those of CBG also in a 1:1 concentration. But I suppose you could ask why should I take CBD oil over this CBD/CBG combination oil? Well it really depends what you are taking it for. CBG has gained popularity in the CBD scene very recently for its ability to target specific health issues such as anxiety.

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I first read about the benefits and new found ‘trend’ of taking CBG oil over CBD oil alone on a cannabis forum on social media. It was really interesting to read first-hand the positive remarks made regarding the power of the CBG cannabinoid and how it helped those who took it. 

How do I take CBG Oil?

Taking CBG oil is very simple. The 10ml bottle of CBG oil contains an easy-to-use dropper which is attached to the bottle lid. Simply squeeze the dropper to fill it up to the desired amount and drop the oil under your tongue. Dr Hemp Me provide guidance on dosage on each bottle label which can guide you when taking your CBG product. In my own experience a good place to start is two drops of the oil every morning which can be increased over the first few weeks you take it if you wish. A third of a dropper is another way to judge a good dose of this product.

It is really important to be consistent with this CBG tincture as your body will feel the effects quicker if you allow it to gradually build up in your system. Consistency is very important with any cannabinoid. One small tip I can give for taking CBG oil is to clear your mouth of excess saliva by swallowing it before dropping the oil under your tongue. This simply helps to dry your mouth out and allow the oil to soak quickly into your gums!

CBG Oil Ingredients...

This CBG tincture is made of hemp flowers, terpenes and organic, high quality hemp seed oil. The oil also contains full spectrum cannabinoids and of course CBD. It is said that CBD works at its best when combined with other cannabinoids. Two options of CBG oil are available from Dr Hemp Me – CBG Oil 5% and CBG Oil 10%. The 10% option is simply more potent than the 5% option. Either way I would advise to be open to the new, emerging CBG oil and give it a try!

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I am an avid CBD user and have tried and tested many CBD products from a variety of CBD brands. I began taking CBD when various prescription medications failed to stop my debilitating migraines. After trying CBD Vape oil and later CBD oil itself, I decided to switch from my prescription to this hemp dietary supplement. The results were instant and consistent in helping to reduce the frequency of my migraines as well as the onset and strength of each one.