A Guide to CBD Oil for Pets

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This article is for all the pet owners out there who wish to add to their pet’s health the natural way. Maybe you’re considering adding CBD oil to your dog, cat or even your rabbit’s diet but are not quite sure where to start? Here you will find information on quality products plus tips and tricks to help you and your pet out when it comes to CBD supplementation.

Supplementing a dog or cats diet with CBD oil should be done using a product which is specifically tailored to pets. Personally I have seen the health benefits for animals and maybe you can too. Read on to find information about ingredients, dosage, possible health effects, potential side effects, where to buy and more.

So, let’s get into it.

CBD Cannabinoids Explained

CBD also called Cannabidiol in the science world is a chemical compound found in the hemp and cannabis plant families. Hemp is a member of the cannabis plant group and predominantly contains the cannabinoid CBD. It also contains the other well-known cannabinoid called THC but this occurs only in a small amount and when extracted is either completely removed or present in trace amounts.

CBD or Cannabidiol works through interactions with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Researchers and scientists have proven that each person has a cell-signalling system in their body which regulates areas like the reproductive system, our responses to stress and even the bod’s sleep cycle among others.

Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant act like Endocannabinoids which are naturally produced inside us and bind to receptors to send signals around the body. If one of the above mentioned systems is out of balance, CBD basically mirrors your natural Endocannabinoid response and works to regulate the body using the ECS.

Research studies have also shown that animals just like us humans have the same ECS at work. Just as we do they sometimes need help to re balance this system and CBD can help to do this.

What is CBD Oil for Pets?

CBD oils and other supplement CBD products for pets are specially formulated strengths of human CBD oil. They are increasingly available in salmon or beef flavours to help your pet adjust to the supplement and not notice its introduction to their food intake.

CBD oil strengths for pets are generally low and dosage depends on the weight of the animal plus the severity of their symptoms. For example, I use Dr Hemp Me’s Irish brand of CBD Pet Oil and I use the lowest available strength 2.5% (250mg CBD content) as my dogs are smaller in size. This oil also comes in 5% (500mg) and a new 10% (1000mg) strength for very large animals like livestock or horses. 

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What is the Difference Between CBD for People and CBD for Pets?

CBD oil drops for pets are essentially the same as CBD oils for people. The difference is that usually pets, depending on size and reason for taking it, use a lower strength in terms of CBD content.

Dog Testimonial

Bonnie is now an elderly Cocker Spaniel who is a tad overweight and suffers with what we like to call ‘droopy eyes’. Her eyes get very red, sore and weepy due to the inside lids becoming inflamed and often infected.

From years of having Cocker Spaniels I’ve encountered this eye issue numerous times especially in old age. It is quite painful and can lead to blindness eventually. Here’s a little more info about her:

  • Name: Bonnie
  • Animal: Dog
  • Breed: Cocker Spaniel
  • Age: 12

cbd for dogs ireland

I started giving Bonnie 2.5% Full-Spectrum CBD oil for Pets to see if it had any effect as I know from personal experience and common knowledge also that it works for inflammation. Sure enough a few days later her eyes started to reduce in redness and were visibly less inflamed. She also enjoyed the extra treat I would give her each day to get the oil into her system.

Cat Testimonial

Dolly is and always has been an anxious pet. Regardless of how much love and attention she has received she is often on edge and nervous of sounds or anything that randomly touches off of her. Here are a few more details about her:

  • Name: Dolly
  • Animal: Cat
  • Breed: Mixed Shorthair
  • Age: 3

hemp oil supplements cat

Anxiety got much worse when we decided to get a second cat, a kitten, to keep her company during the day as she seemed to like to follow other cats in the area.

When we got the kitten Dolly became very, very anxious and angry that we were bringing another cat into her space. This addition to the family made her more anxious and nervous which CBD oil supplementation really helped with. It is very useful for balancing stress out in animals, and calming them down in general.

Do CBD Products for Cats & Dogs have Side Effects?

 As with any CBD oils or products, CBD for pets is not known to have any side negative effects. However, in my own experience of giving CBD oil to dogs in particular, if you’re dog has a very sensitive bowel then excess CBD could cause diarrhoea. Other than this I have never personally seen any effects besides positive ones on my animals.

It’s important to start small and work the dose of drops up slowly as the weeks pass. Being consistent is also necessary. Make sure not to miss a dose especially when CBD is introduced as the compound needs time to build up in your pet’s system.

How to Add it to an Animal’s Diet?

Giving CBD oil for pets to your animal will vary on the type of animal they are, how fussy they can be with food and taste and also what suits you too as a pet owner. Personally I give CBD oil to my dogs and cat in the same way through their food.

For the dogs I either put one dose of CBD oil drops in their food bowl a day and mix it in. Or I break a dry dog treat like a dog biscuit in half and drop the oil dose into the middle so it stays put.

For cats, they can a be a little more clever, I mix it in to the wet food as it has a strong smell anyway so masks the smell and taste for them. Putting it on a treat for a cat has never worked for me.

One of the properties of CBD Pet oil which you can find more often these days are salmon or beef flavoured hemp oils. These have an added meat or fish flavour and help to mask the taste of hemp which can be strong and harsh especially since your pet will be swallowing the oil straight away.

Your pet may look for a drink soon after their dose of CBD drops so make sure as always to have a fresh bowl of water nearby.

Where to get Hemp Supplements for Pets?

As mentioned earlier in this article, CBD oil for pets can be bought from a few places here on the Emerald Isle but my favourite and go to brand is Dr Hemp Me. They have many positive reviews online and feature a whole range of CBD oils tailored to pets as well as CBD pet chews – dog treats infused with CBD.

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