Dr Hemp Me offers you the most potent CBD oil Ireland and is a firm believer of the fact that no two CBD oils are ever the same. Dr. Hemp Me is trusted and tested by the Cannabis Trade Association as one of the only regulated Irish & UK CBD Oil companies. 

A Need for Reviews in Ireland

However, it’s hard to believe such claims as a consumer. When it comes to CBD oils, I have tried many companies and CBD products. But, I wasn’t satisfied as they didn’t help my symptoms to the extent I was hoping for.

Luckily, I bumped into an old friend, and while conversing, he told me about Dr Hemp Me’s CBD products and how the products helped him.

When he disclosed the price of the products, I got more eager and wanted to try Dr Hemp Me. So, I decided to give it a go.

I visited their website and was amazed at the diverse variety they had, including CBD oils, bath bombs, capsules & vapes.

I decided to order two of their items. One was the CBD oil 10%, and the other was the Lemon Haze Vape Pen. My order was delivered sooner than I expected, and the whole process was smooth.

CBD Oil Ireland – Dr. Hemp Me

I started using the CBD oil 10% and felt the effects straight away. The product really exceeded expectations right from the get-go.

(I must mention that I cannot highlight any medicinal benefits in my review. I would love to be able to go into detail about exactly how the CBD helped me but unfortunately, I run the risk of having my blog shut down. This is due to the HPRA in Ireland not recognising cannabis as having any medical benefits)

I further inquired about the product and found out that it is grown and manufactured in Ireland. In simple words, this is one of the purest forms of CBD oil that you can get!

I have been a regular customer of this company, and so far, I haven’t stumbled upon any problem.

In precise terms, Dr. Hemp Me breathes new life in the CBD industry and brings you valued products that are beneficial. The product line of Dr. Hemp Me consists of CBD oils that is their signature product; the CBD capsules are convenient to consume, anytime and anyplace.

Dr Hemp Me also offers a variety of CBD vape oils and vape pens along with CBD bath bombs to ensure stress-relieving soak.

For my full review, Dr. Hemp Me very kindly provided a sample of each one of there products.

Let’s have a look:

4 Strengths of Full Spectrum CBD OIL

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 20%

Rating: 9/10

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10%

Rating: 10/10

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5%

Rating: 7/10

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 40%

Rating: 9/10

Cannabidiol Oil Ireland 40% - Dr. Hemp Me

Made from 100% natural terpenoids, the CBD oil 40% is a full-spectrum CBD oil that is packed with healing properties. It contains 40% cannabidiol, which is about 4000mg of CBD plus all the other cannabinoids that can be found in a full-spectrum oil.

As one of the highly-rated CBD products for pure strength from Dr. Hemp Me, this oil lives up to expectations and is effective in alleviating a wide range of symptoms. It is a full-spectrum CBD oil as it has undergone a thorough extraction process that ensures that there is the complete absorption of the oil with the terpenoids.


  • This oil is extremely potent and should only be purchased as a last resort for most CBD users. This is not an oil to start off on, please check out the 10% CBD oil if new to CBD.



CBD Oil Ireland 20%- Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me’s most potent cannabidiol product and by far the most expensive. At €136.95 per bottle, you really need a good reason to be buying this oil.

Dr. Hemp Me’s most potent CBD oil and one of the strongest in Europe

This oil is extracted from the whole cannabis plant which is why you get the full contents of the cannabis and terpenes. Hence, the product is 100% pure.

This product goes through supercritical CO2 fluid extraction technique for successful oil processing. If we go into detail, it goes through a SCFE technique which includes the process of separating one component from another.

SCFE provides a high level of purity during the process of extraction. In addition to that, it goes through filtration as well.

How does it help?

While to most the 10% will be sufficient the 20% is a necessity to those who have serious pain and inflammation issues. If it is just the mind-calming effects you are after then this oil is too strong and you are better off purchasing the 10%


  • One of the strongest CBD oils in Europe
  • Easy to obtain high dose
  • CBD oils have fast absorption and hence fast mode of action


  • Too strong for users who only need a small dose
  • Taste is very strong due to the hemp concentrate.
  • Very expensive



CBD Oil Ireland 10 - Dr. Hemp Me

Definitely my highest recommended CBD oil product on the market. Not too strong and not too weak, just perfect. At €69.95 it is still expensive but you really do need to buy premium when it comes to CBD oil.

The 10% CBD oil is there most popular product and my favourite!

CBD Features

One of the main features of Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil is that it is Full Spectrum. This means that the entire plant is used in the production of the oil. Many oils on the market are made from CBD isolate and a carrier oil which means you are getting the benefits of CBD alone.

CBD oil works best when all other cannabinoids work in synergy together. This is what’s known as the ‘entourage effect’. Cannabinoids in Dr. Hemp Me’s oil include CBDa, CBG, and CBDV to name a few. There is over 100 cannabinoids found in trace amounts in this oil including THC.

How does it help?

The 10% is the best oil to start on and it is usually for most the highest percentage you will need. If you are looking for a mind-calming effect than this is really your perfect product. The oil is still potent enough to help with inflammation however for some customers depending on tolerance they will need a higher percentage like the 20%.


  • The perfect oil for everyday use
  • Easy to obtain a high dose
  • Fast absorption
  • All the benefits of the 20% for half the price


  • Similar to the 20% it is easy to take to high a dose
  • Dizziness when too much is taken
  • Taste is very strong due to the hemp concentrate



A review of Dr. Hemp Me's 5% CBD oil

Every 10 mils of CBD oil contain a maximum of 200 drops. According to the CBD strength, it contains 5% of CBD which is 2.5 mg in each drop.

Dr. Hemp Me’s 5% CBD oil is a fantastic starter oil

This oil is perfect as a starter oil and for those who only need a small dose of CBD. CBD is biphasic meaning different doses have different effects. In some cases, CBD can actually exasperate issues like insomnia if too much is taken. If you are not sure about which oil to start with, try the 5%.


  • Excellent starter oil
  • Therapeutic effects on the body as they contain essential oil and terpenes
  • Fast absorption
  • Taste is not as strong due to less hemp concentrate


  • Too weak for users with a higher tolerance level
  • To obtain a high dose a lot of oil needs to be taken and to some users, this might be hard due to the taste



A review if CBD for Pets
Your pets can also use CBD to relax but in smaller doses. Remember pets are a lot smaller than humans so they only need a fraction of the dose humans take.


  • Can be added to pet food
  • Can also be given directly via a dropper
  • Very cheap
  • Can also be taken by humans


  • Some Adverse side effects like tiredness and lethargy are expected if too much is given to your pet



Ireland’s Strongest Cannabidiol Vape Pens

CBD that is used for vaping is commonly known as CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil. Vaping CBD is actually better than capsules since it is easier to consume. Vaping allows the fastest absorption of CBD compared to all other CBD products. The range of Vape oils includes OG Kush CBD Vape pen, Lemon Haze CBD Vape pen and CBD Vape Oil Original.

OG Kush Vape Pen

Rating: 8/10

Lemon Haze Vape Pen

Rating: 8/10

CBD Vape Oil Original

Rating: 6/10

Dr. Hemp me’s vape oil is made from the hemp plant, meaning that the oil helps you too relax. It puts you at ease just enough to relieve any pain. It is really beneficial in terms of health and helps the body too.

1. OG Kush Vape Pen 2000mg (Cannabidiol 20%)

OG kush mockkup r

OG Kush is one of the most potent strains of CBD oil out there. Dr Hemp Me ensures that the vape oil obtained is only the purest. In fact, it is one of the strongest vape oils in the market today.

The natural elements are another reason for its potency. The oil is diluted in such a way that the dilution boosts the effect and potency. The vape oil in turn easily flows through the bloodstream giving consumers a healthy vaping experience.

OG kush mockkup r

It also ensures that the vape oil used to pre-fill the range of durable vape pens.

It comes infused with natural plant terpenes and no artificial flavours so that you can experience the best vape sensation.

It is really beneficial to health, especially when it comes to offering relief from stress. The relaxing effect is quite popular for anxious and stressed workers as well.

Vape Features

The OG Kush Vape oil comes with natural flavour and taste to enhance your vaping experience.

For beginners, it is ensured that pens are available for easy use. Pre-filled vape pens make it easier to start with vaporization and also CBD.

The Cartridge comes for single use and has 1ml capacity. The mouthpiece is made up of plastic to increase durability. The silicon plug prevents the oil from dripping out.

The atomizer is super-efficient and converts the oil to vapours within seconds.

The USB charger cord can be used to charge the pen. There is also a sensor that lets you know if the charging is enough for a few puffs. The battery is long-lasting and can be recharged up to 500 times.


  • The battery is long-lasting
  • Pre-filled pens for easy use
  • 100% natural - No VG or PG
  • Can take 380 to 400 puffs from one bottle


  • An inferior product to the CBD oil as it does near to the same amount of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Only available in the one flavour. If you like flavoured vapes the lemon haze is for you
  • Only available in pre-filled cartridges



2. Lemon Haze Vape Pen 2000mg (20%)

Lemon haze Review

Dr Hemp Me guarantees 100% pure, Irish Hemp vape oil. The hemp is grown in organic farms and is infused with natural terpenes. It is extracted from coconuts which is much safer than propylene glycol and other synthetics. Hence, you get a quality product.

Lemon haze Review

The pre-filled vape pen allows beginners to easily convert to vape oil without much difficulty. In fact, it is therapeutic as well.

The CBD content in this product is 20% and is quite potent without the psychoactive agents. Vaping offers the fastest bioavailability over every other CBD product so if you need a quick hit this is the one for you.

For vapers who prefer a strong flavour, this is a great choice. It has a citrusy vape aroma. So, if you’re looking for a vape oil that’s both strong and rich in aroma then this one fits the bill. The taste is a plus because people who dislike the taste of CBD oil can benefit from it.
Due to its high potency and perfect dilution, it works instantly and offers a sense of relaxation. A lot of patients prefer it because of the many health benefits it offers.


  • 380 to 400 puffs guaranteed
  • 100% Natural
  • No THC
  • Highest strength vape oil in Ireland
  • Third-Party lab-tested in the UK


  • An inferior product to the CBD oil as it does near to the same amount of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • It is not the ideal choice for people who prefer natural flavour



3. CBD Vape Oil Original


For those who are a pro at vaping this one is for you. Dr Hemp Me vape oil promises the best oil with natural flavour intact.

CBD Features.

The quickest way to consume CBD is through vaping. It allows you to feel the effects instantly and offers relief.

The ingredients of this oil is associated with calming the mind and helping the person to relax in a few puffs only.


  • Not pre-filled and therefore a full 10mil bottle can be ordered
  • Natural flavouring and terpenes
  • Quickest absorption over any other CBD product
  • No flavouring


  • You need to buy a vape pen along with this one
  • Nowhere near as strong as the 20% Pre-filled vape pens



4. CBD Gummies

Assessment of Cannabis

Dr. Hemp Me CBD gummies are 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. Vegans will undoubtedly enjoy this as it is gluten-free and contains only natural flavours. This is an easy alternative for those who don’t like swallowing pills or would prefer a CBD product with lower strength.

The CBD gummies come in delicious fruity flavours with just the right amount of dose. These nutritious gummies can be taken at the end of a stressful day while it has a host of other medical benefits. It is non-psychotropic and has been certified safe enough for consumption by children. It comes in both 500mg and 750mg variations, allowing you to make your choice.

Capsules Review

CBD capsules are a great alternative to CBD oil. With the same natural extracts and taste, it offers you another choice to take a pill anywhere anytime.

Cannabidiol Features

The cannabidiol in these capsules is 100% natural and of the highest quality. The hemp oil, sunflower oil and hemp content are brought from plants grown in organic farms.

The capsules are also GMO and gluten-free which is an added bonus.

Dr Hemp Me capsules are one of the best and strongest CBD capsules in Ireland since they contain CBDa, sunflower oil and other ingredients. These components are responsible for allowing an easier CBD breakdown in the body. Hence, the product works instantly.

It is tested to ensure every capsule has the right amount of ingredients and in the right proportions.


  • Easy to measure the dosage
  • No taste
  • Convenience when on the go


  • Slow absorption. Capsules will take longer to take effect than the vape and the CBD oil
  • Less CBD is absorbed by the body as potency is lost in the digestive system



Cannabidiol Bath Bombs Review

Sore muscles are a constant problem in today’s world. The CBD bath bombs have peppermint and Eucalyptus extracts that offer a solution and relieve stress.

One of the major reasons for stress in the body is due to the knots in the muscles. This product will help untie those knots and eliminate stress from the body.

Apart from that, the fragrance of the bath bombs is pleasant and therapeutic in nature.

So, if you’re not into CBD oils or vapes then you can turn to CBD bath bombs as well.


  • 100% Natural CBD bath bombs
  • Handmade in a clean environment
  • Contain essential oil blends
  • No artificial ingredients


  • You need to stay in water for at least 20 minutes for maximum effect
  • They are expensive



Why Choose Dr Hemp Me Over Other Online Or Physical Shops?

There’s no doubt about the fact that CBD oils and CBD products are widely used, however, the real problem arises when you have to pick an online store to purchase it.

There are a plethora of online shops on the web that sell CBD oil but we highly recommend you to check out Dr Hemp Me. It’s a user-friendly online shop that deals in quality CBD products and at affordable rates too.

The best thing about this online shop is that offers convenience. You don’t have to physically roam in a market to buy anything. All you need to do is click on the product you want to buy and Dr Hemp Me will deliver it to your doorstep.

So, if you’re looking for an online shop that has an easy to use the website then Dr Hemp Me is your best choice.

To check Dr. Hemp Me’s Trustpilot account please click on the link.

CBD Oil 20%

Rating: 9/10

CBD Oil 10%

Rating: 10/10

CBD Oil 5%

Rating: 7/10

CBD for Pets - CBD Oil 3%

Rating: 7/10

OG Kush CBD Vape Pen

Rating: 8/10

Lemon Haze CBD Vape Pen

Rating: 8/10

CBD Vape Oil Original

Rating: 6/10

CBD Capsules

Rating: 7/10

CBD Bath Bombs

Rating: 5/10


With Dr. Hemp Me you have nothing to worry about. The products are made by experts and are packed after rigorous testing so what you are receiving is only of the highest quality. They are also regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association which adds an extra bit of reliability.

If you are searching for strong CBD products then we recommend that you turn to Dr Hemp me products. They are made up of pure CBD and are available at an affordable price. Not only that, they come in various varieties too. Pick wisely!


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Dr. Hemp Me's most popular product?

Dr. Hemp Me's 10% CBD oil is by far there most popular product and definitely my favourite. At €66.95 it is still expensive however when buying CBD oil you should always by premium products and Dr. Hemp Me is certainly that.

Are Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oils "full spectrum"?

Full-spectrum is the latest buzz word in the CBD community and so it should be. Full-spectrum basically means that the whole plant was used in the production of the oil. This is important as CBD works better when all other cannabinoids are synergistically combined. All of Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oils are full spectrum.

What other CBD products does Dr. Hemp Me provide?

Dr. Hemp Me also sells CBD vape oil, in fact, their pre-filled vape pens are some of the strongest vape oils in Europe. Other products include CBD capsules and CBD bath bombs.

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