Dr Hemp Me offers you the most potent CBD oil in Ireland and is a firm believer of the fact that no two CBD oils are ever the same. Dr. Hemp Me is trusted and tested by the Cannabis Trade Association as one of the only regulated Irish & UK CBD Oil companies. 

A Need for CBD Reviews in Ireland

However, it’s hard to believe such claims as a consumer. When it comes to CBD, I have tried many companies and CBD products. But, I wasn’t satisfied as they didn’t help my symptoms to the extent I was hoping for. 

Luckily, I bumped into an old friend, and while conversing, he told me about Dr Hemp Me’s CBD products and how the products helped him.

When he disclosed the price of the products, I got more eager and wanted to try Dr Hemp Me. So, I decided to give it a go. First thing I did was check there website to make sure they have  lab tests to which they do upon request. All of there products are grown organically without the use of pesticides and chemicals to ensure a natural Irish CBD oil. The process used to extract the oil is CO2 extraction which in my research is the dearest and safest form of extraction.

For UK customers Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil UK has just opened.

Dr. Hemp me used to sell CBD vape oil but do not anymore. A brand I would highly recommend for CBD vape oils is Harmony CBD Vape Oil

I visited their website and was amazed at the diverse variety they had, including CBD oils, bath bombs, capsules & vapes.

I decided to order two of their items. One was the CBD oil 10%, and the other was the Lemon Haze Vape Pen. My order was delivered sooner than I expected, and the whole process was smooth.

I started using the CBD oil 10% and felt the effects straight away. The product really exceeded expectations right from the get-go.

I further inquired about the product and found out that it is grown and manufactured in Ireland. In simple words, this is one of the purest forms of CBD oil that you can get!

I have been a regular customer of this company, and so far, I haven’t stumbled upon any problem.

In precise terms, Dr. Hemp Me breathes new life in the CBD industry and brings you valued products that are beneficial. The product line of Dr. Hemp Me consists of CBD oils that is their signature product; the CBD capsules are convenient to consume, anytime and anyplace.

Dr Hemp Me also offers a variety of CBD products including, CBD coffee, CBD cream, pastes and gummies. And for even more convenience there website is translated for all European customers. See there german 20% CBD oil.

For my full review, Dr. Hemp Me very kindly provided a sample of each one of there products. 

How to use the oil;

Firstly each CBD oil product has a different strength. For most a single dose is around 30mg. Using the 10% CBD oil as the example, you will need 6 drops to reach 30mg. 1 drop equals 5mg. If you were trying to reach 30mg with the 20% CBD oil you will only need three drops as there is 10mg of CBD per drop.

Once you have the dose you want simply fill the dropper up and slowly drop the oil under your tongue. 

Hold the oil under the tongue for 90 seconds to 2 minutes allowing the oil to soak into your bloodstream.After 90 seconds you can than swallow and thats it.

Let’s have a look:

4 Strengths of Full Spectrum CBD OIL

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 20%

Rating: 10/10

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10%

Rating: 9/10

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5%

Rating: 7/10

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 40%

Rating: 9/10

Made from 100% natural terpenoids, the CBD oil 40% is a full-spectrum CBD oil that is packed with healing properties. It contains 40% cannabidiol, which is about 4000mg of CBD plus all the other cannabinoids that can be found in a full-spectrum oil.

As one of the highly-rated CBD products for pure strength from Dr. Hemp Me, this oil lives up to expectations and is effective in alleviating a wide range of symptoms. It is a full-spectrum CBD oil as it has undergone a thorough extraction process that ensures that there is the complete absorption of the oil with the terpenoids.


  • This oil is extremely potent and should only be purchased as a last resort for most CBD users. This is not an oil to start off on, please check out the 10% or 20% CBD oil if new to CBD.



Dr. Hemp Me’s second most potent cannabidiol product and by far there most popular CBD product since their price drop.

Previously this oil sold for €139.95 per bottle and now it retails at €119.95. Before the price drop I always advised to go for the 10% CBD oil and instead take a double dose as this works out the same as taking the 20%. However now that it is cheaper you may as well go for the 20%.

It really is the optimal product in there CBD range. Lucky for you I can also give you a discount code for 10% off bringing the price down further – use cbdreview10 for a 10% discount. Please bear in mind if the product is already on sale than this code will not work.

So why is this their most popular product?

This oil is extracted from the whole cannabis plant which is why you get the full contents of the cannabis and terpenes. Hence, the product is 100% pure.

This product goes through supercritical CO2 fluid extraction technique for successful oil processing. If we go into detail, it goes through a SCFE technique which includes the process of separating one component from another.

SCFE provides a high level of purity during the process of extraction. In addition to that, it goes through filtration as well. All of Dr. Hemp Me’s oils are full spectrum meaning they benefit from the entourage effect.

How does it help?

While to most the 10% will be sufficient the 20% is a necessity to those who have serious pain and inflammation issues. If it is just the mind-calming effects you are after then this oil is too strong and you are better off purchasing the 10%


  • One of the strongest CBD oils in Europe
  • Easy to obtain high dose
  • CBD oils have fast absorption and hence fast mode of action


  • Too strong for users who only need a small dose
  • Taste is very strong due to the hemp concentrate.
  • Very expensive



Definitely my highest recommended CBD oil product on the market. Not too strong and not too weak, just perfect. At €59.95 it is still expensive but you really do need to buy premium when it comes to CBD oil.

CBD Features

One of the main features of Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil is that it is Full Spectrum. This means that the entire plant is used in the production of the oil. Many oils on the market are made from CBD isolate and a carrier oil which means you are getting the benefits of CBD alone.

CBD oil works best when all other cannabinoids work in synergy together. This is what’s known as the ‘entourage effect’. Cannabinoids in Dr. Hemp Me’s oil include CBDa, CBG, and CBDV to name a few. There is over 100 cannabinoids found in trace amounts in this oil including THC.

How does it help?

The 10% is the best oil to start on and it is usually for most the highest percentage you will need. If you are looking for a mind-calming effect than this is really your perfect product. The oil is still potent enough to help with inflammation however for some customers depending on tolerance they will need a higher percentage like the 20%.


  • The perfect oil for everyday use
  • Easy to obtain a high dose
  • Fast absorption
  • All the benefits of the 20% for half the price


  • Similar to the 20% it is easy to take to high a dose
  • Dizziness when too much is taken
  • Taste is very strong due to the hemp concentrate



Every 10 mils of CBD oil contain a maximum of 200 drops. According to the CBD strength, it contains 5% of CBD which is 2.5 mg in each drop.

Dr. Hemp Me’s 5% CBD oil is a fantastic starter oil

This oil is perfect as a starter oil and for those who only need a small dose of CBD. CBD is biphasic meaning different doses have different effects. In some cases, CBD can actually exasperate issues like insomnia if too much is taken. If you are not sure about which oil to start with, try the 5%.


  • Excellent starter oil
  • Therapeutic effects on the body as they contain essential oil and terpenes
  • Fast absorption
  • Taste is not as strong due to less hemp concentrate


  • Too weak for users with a higher tolerance level
  • To obtain a high dose a lot of oil needs to be taken and to some users, this might be hard due to the taste



cbd oil for pets

Your pets can also use CBD to relax but in smaller doses. Remember pets are a lot smaller than humans so they only need a fraction of the dose humans take. Dr. Hemp Me’s Pet oil comes in two strengths 2.5% & 5% to ensure all pet sizes are covered.

For a more in-dept analysis of CBD oil for dogs please click on the link.


  • Can be added to pet food
  • Can also be given directly via a dropper
  • Very cheap
  • Can also be taken by humans


  • Some Adverse side effects like tiredness and lethargy are expected if too much is given to your pet



In my search for something potent enough to alleviate my symptoms, I have tried out numerous CBD products. Most of them didn’t have the effects they claimed, this was due to the oil being relatively weak. As mentioned previously I did try Dr. Hemp Me’s high strength CBD oil to great success however, I now wanted to go up a notch with the strength so I decided to try their new CBD paste.

I asked there customer service why they decided to stock the paste and I was advised that after the 40% CBD oil the mixture gets to thick and it becomes very hard to suck the oil into the dropper. From trying the 40% I can understand this issue.

I was also advised that customers are always requesting higher and higher strengths and therefore Dr. Hemp Me obliged.

What I loved about Dr. Hemp Me's CBD Paste

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil paste was as impressive as they said it would be. Filled with phenols, flavonoids, terpenes, and all-natural cannabinoids, I started feeling the effects within a few days as these ingredients were enough to give my endocannabinoid system what it needs to thrive. The CBD paste is designed in a way that I could quickly discover my unique dosage. Other things I noticed were

  • It is effortless to consume, and those of you who have tried the oil no the most challenging part is the taste. Because the strength is so high, you only need a grain of rice so its a lot easier to consume.
  • It comes in 3 extremely high strengths and also in both 5mils and 10mils. Try the 5mil first to make sure this is the CBD product for you.
  • It is packed with omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that gave me a long-lasting and effective relief
  • The paste is even purer than the oil as there is not even a carrier oil added in. This is the concentrate straight from the plant. 100% cannabis in its natural form.
  • The dosage is another massive advantage over the oil. As some of you may know, trying to count the number of drops as it flows from the dropper is very difficult. I used to try looking in the mirror while doing it lol. With the paste, you squeeze out a grain of rice and place under your tongue like a tic-tac and that’s it.

How I used CBD Paste

This wasn’t a complicated process, and I could use the CBD oil paste even while I was on the move. All I had to do was put the quantity of CBD oil paste that is an equivalent of 2 grains of rice under my tongue. I waited for 90 seconds and then swallowed it.

Three Strengths of CBD Paste

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD paste comes in 40%, 70%, and 80% strengths. These varying strengths allow you to find the one that works best for you. Start with the 5mil option to make sure this is the product.

Overall, Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD paste has tons of impressive benefits that make it stand out as one of the best and definitely the most potent CBD products to buy in Ireland.

Dr. Hemp Me CBD gummies are 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. Vegans will undoubtedly enjoy this as it is gluten-free and contains only natural flavours. This is an easy alternative for those who don’t like swallowing pills or would prefer a CBD product with lower strength.

The CBD gummies come in delicious fruity flavours with just the right amount of dose. These nutritious gummies can be taken at the end of a stressful day while it has a host of other medical benefits. It is non-psychotropic and has been certified safe enough for consumption by children. It comes in both 500mg and 750mg variations, allowing you to make your choice.

CBD capsules are a great alternative to CBD oil. With the same natural extracts and taste, it offers you another choice to take a pill anywhere anytime.

Cannabidiol Features

The cannabidiol in these capsules is 100% natural and of the highest quality. The hemp oil, sunflower oil and hemp content are brought from plants grown in organic farms.

The capsules are also GMO and gluten-free which is an added bonus.

Dr Hemp Me capsules are one of the best and strongest CBD capsules in Ireland since they contain CBDa, sunflower oil and other ingredients. These components are responsible for allowing an easier CBD breakdown in the body. Hence, the product works instantly.

It is tested to ensure every capsule has the right amount of ingredients and in the right proportions.


  • Easy to measure the dosage
  • No taste
  • Convenience when on the go


  • Slow absorption. Capsules will take longer to take effect than the vape and the CBD oil
  • Less CBD is absorbed by the body as potency is lost in the digestive system



Are you sensitive to caffeine? Or maybe enjoy a little too much of it at times? I myself have a tendency to be sensitive to coffee and other caffeinated drinks. The problem is that I love a good cup of coffee and these days it’s Hempture’s CBD infused coffee which I buy from Dr Hemp Me.

A cup of coffee can give you a real boost in the mornings or during an afternoon slump at work. However, lately I’ve learned to associate my coffee intake with an increase in anxiety. This, and the fact that I suffer from bad migraines, lead me to seek out decaf coffee when buying at a coffee shop or café. I now regularly order a decaf version of my favourite hot drink to avoid any potential anxiousness or headache triggers. Here’s the problem. What about those days when you really feel like you need the boost of a caffeinated drink or those days where a decaf option is simply not available. You weigh up the risk of anxiety versus your daily coffee fix?

This problem led me to try CBD COFFEE. As the name suggests, CBD coffee is a blend of coffee which has been infused with the cannabinoid CBD. I was reluctant to try this at first as it is certainly more expensive than your typical jar of coffee from the supermarket. Second, I didn’t think CBD could combat the effects of the caffeine level in the coffee. As CBD oil gives me a nice little boost when I take it, I thought that the two combined may result in some sort of boost overload. Thankfully, I was wrong. It is still expensive but I can now see the monetary value in this product and will be buying again! For me, the CBD infusion lessens the negative effects of caffeine on my body. It’s like the CBD element stabilises the effects of the caffeine…but I still get that coffee boost. 

Do I use CBD coffee every day? Sometimes yes and sometimes no, but I still regularly choose regular decaff coffee if my anxiety has been high for some reason or if I feel the symptoms of migraine. On those days I generally take my full spectrum CBD oil from Dr Hemp Me. CBD coffee can be a great way of getting a little dose of CBD into your diet or when you know you need a real coffee minus the jittery effects!

Even if you’re not sensitive to caffeine CBD coffee is a great investment in my opinion. You could substitute one of your cups of regular coffee a day with CBD infused coffee to get the benefits of CBD into your everyday diet. It tastes no different to normal coffee blends and contains a nice amount of CBD goodness!

The thing with CBD coffee is that it can be an addition to your current CBD intake rather than a replacement. As I mentioned CBD coffee could work great in conjunction with any other CBD product you may be already taking like CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD Gummies or even topical hemp cream. Add that extra boost to your caffeine fix but in a healthy way. Or if you are a newbie to CBD you could start off gently by adding CBD coffee to your daily routine? Many people want to try CBD but are cautious and unsure where to begin.

Hempture CBD coffee is made of roasted ground Arabica coffee which has been infused with organic CBD. Each 200g bag contains 300mg of organic CBD. This product is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, is IIHA (Irish International Hemp Association) approved and third-party tested. As with any ground coffee you can buy for your home or office, simply take one heaped teaspoon of the product and place it in a cup with hot water. Add your desired milk or sweetener if any and give it a stir. You may be interested to know that the this Hempture coffee was grown by UTZ farmers which means they are a part of a certified and sustainable farming program run by the Rainforest Alliance.


  • Organic EU approved CBD extract
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Rich taste


  • Expensive if using regularly



Are you looking to give CBD oil or any other related CBD products a try? Are you unsure where to start? The choice on the market for CBD products can be overwhelming for those new to this space. A great option for any newbies is to get your hands on a CBD bundle or CBD pack of products so that you can try more than one and figure out what suits you. I recently came across Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD product bundles and thought they were a great idea for CBD newbies looking to try more than one product or those who wish to target their body / mind with a combination of products. The bundle that I will focus on in this review is Dr Hemp Me’s Basic CBD Starter Pack.

Why buy both?  The Basic CBD Starter Pack retails at €59.95 and includes one tub of CBD fizzy strawberry or fruit mix Gummies and one bottle of their 5% Full Spectrum CBD oil. Normally the tub of Gummies would cost you €49.95 while the 5% CBD oil would cost €34.95. So, you can see the massive saving available when buying products in a bundle like this. The total saving when buying the Basic CBD Starter Pack is €24.95.

5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil Dr. Hemp Me’s 5% Full Spectrum CBD oil offers a gentle introduction to CBD. This is actually one of the first CBD oils I ever tried as I wanted to start on a lower dose and work my way up if I thought that was necessary. This product is a great starter oil for anyone looking to try CBD and even to grow accustomed to the taste. As the oils go up in strength, the more potent the taste becomes but don’t let this put you off because if I can get used to it anyone can. Do note that if you’re getting CBD oil for a specific issue it’s important to research what strength you will need. As this oil is just 5% CBD then it may not be potent enough for tackling the symptoms of certain conditions like those requiring relief from physical pain or inflammation. That said, it is a great starting point!

CBD Gummies are the second most popular CBD product in the country now. They taste great, have a substantial dose of CBD in each one and are easy to take! Dr Hemp Me’s CBD Gummies come in mixed fruit or strawberry flavours and are delicious. If you are apprehensive about trying strong tasting CBD oil or would just rather a quick way of getting CBD into your system then CBD Gummies are for you. The fixed dosage of each jelly sweet is practical, making it easy to manage your daily dose.

The sweet taste, fruity shapes and convenience of this product makes them perfect for children also. CBD is growing in popularity with parents who wish to give their children an alternative health supplement to alleviate symptoms of specific conditions. It is important to note that this product should be properly stored away from children and the dose managed and supervised by an adult. You will be happy to hear that Dr Hemp Me’s CBD Gummies contain no THC, not even trace amounts. That and the fact that this product contains only natural flavours and no artificial colours. They are suitable for vegans,  vegetarians and are also gluten free!

So there you have it, my review of Dr Hemp Me’s Basic CBD Starter Pack retailing at €59.95. You get CBD Gummies and a 5% full spectrum CBD oil, saving €24.95 by buying the two together in this bundle deal!


  • 100% Natural CBD products
  • Two products for a better price - great saving
  • No artificial ingredients


  • The 5% oil is a lower concentrated oil and so not sufficient for high pain



Harmony CBD Vape Oil

If it is CBD Vape Oil you are looking for… also called CBD E-Liquid… than Harmony is the place to buy! 

Dr. Hemp Me decided to stop selling CBD vape products last year and instead focus on their oils, edible and topical products. As well as their own brand they previously sold Harmony vape products too, which were always a favourite of mine. 

I have since gone direct to Harmony and tried and tested various vape products on offer such as their Tempo vape kit and popular CBD vape oil flavour Lemon Haze.  

CBD vape oil is a great option for classic vape users who wish to add CBD to their daily supplements or wish to wean themselves off of nicotine. CBD vape oils can also be fast-acting in terms of treating acute symptoms for various health problems.

Vaping allows the CBD to get into your system quite quickly and is a healthier option to vaping nicotine based products. Harmony offer a wide variety of CBD E-Liquids and CBD vape starter kits to get you going! 

Why Choose Dr Hemp Me Over Other Online Or Physical Shops?

There’s no doubt about the fact that CBD oils and CBD products are widely used, however, the real problem arises when you have to pick an online store to purchase it.

There are a plethora of online shops on the web that sell CBD oil but we highly recommend you to check out Dr Hemp Me. It’s a user-friendly online shop that deals in quality CBD products and at affordable rates too.

The best thing about this online shop is that offers convenience. You don’t have to physically roam in a market to buy anything. All you need to do is click on the product you want to buy and Dr Hemp Me will deliver it to your doorstep.

So, if you’re looking for an online shop that has an easy to use the website then Dr Hemp Me is your best choice.

To check Dr. Hemp Me’s Trustpilot account please click on the link.

CBD Oil 20%

Rating: 9/10

CBD Oil 10%

Rating: 10/10

CBD Oil 5%

Rating: 7/10

CBD Gummies

Rating 8/10

CBD Capsules

Rating: 7/10

CBD Coffee

Rating 9/10


If you want to buy CBD oil in Ireland or you’re thinking about bringing CBD oil to the island of Ireland on a holiday perhaps, than it is important to check the legality of this product. So, is CBD oil legal in Ireland or not? You will be glad to know that the sale and purchase of CBD oil is fully legal in Ireland.

There is some confusion however amongst the general public regarding the legality of CBD oil and other CBD products. If selling or purchasing CBD oil in Ireland it must be classed as a food supplement rather than a ‘medicinal’ or ‘health’ product. Food supplements do not have to be bought on prescription. This is why you can buy CBD oil online or in stores.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) does not recognise cannabis derived products, including CBD, as having any medicinal benefits and so these products cannot be classed as ‘medicinal’. This can lead people in search of CBD oil to question the legality of it. One CBD product that is illegal in Ireland is CBD flowers or in other terms CBD buds. Although this law is not always enforced as CBD flowers can often be purchased in Ireland.

The reason that CBD oil is legally sold and purchased as a food supplement in Ireland is down to the plant it comes from. The hemp plant, which is a variation of the cannabis plant, contains a lot less Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than the cannabis plant itself. THC, for those who don’t know is the psychoactive component of cannabis, which produces a ‘high’.

CBD on the other hand does not produce this ‘high’ as it is non-psychoactive. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids however both are derived from different forms of the cannabis plant and so have a different effect on the person taking it. In order for CBD oil to be sold legally in Ireland it must only contain trace amounts of THC (<0.2%) or none at all.


CBD oil has become a very broad term. In the US CBD oil can come with high amounts of THC which means it’s extracted from sativa and indica cannabis plants. Whereas Irish CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. This plant has only trace amounts of THC.


Lucky for you CBD oil can easily be found and bought online! Online stores offer quick delivery, a variety of CBD products and lots of information for the customer before purchase. You can even avail of some store’s online chat service to get answers to any questions you may have or simply visit their FAQ page. Dr Hemp Me have a fantastic online chat service. If you are looking for a physical store, CBD Ireland offers a cool café vibe where they sell CBD infused coffee. CBD Ireland can be found in Waterford city if you happen to be in the ‘sunny’ South-East.

Final Words

With Dr. Hemp Me you have nothing to worry about. The products are made by experts and are packed after rigorous testing so what you are receiving is only of the highest quality. They are also regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association which adds an extra bit of reliability.

If you are searching for strong CBD products then we recommend that you turn to Dr Hemp me products. They are made up of pure CBD and are available at an affordable price. Not only that, they come in various varieties too. Pick wisely!

Shannon O'Sullivan

Shannon is an avid CBD user and health coach whos years of experience trying many different brands including Dr. Hemp Me, Cibdol, & Healthspan and more. Sign up for her free Newsletter here

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is CBD oil legal in Ireland?

Yes CBD oil is legal in Ireland once the oil is derived from hemp. CBD companies have to adhere to the strict guidelines set by the HPRA. No medical claims can be made.

Are Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oils "full spectrum"?

Full-spectrum is the latest buzz word in the CBD community and so it should be. Full-spectrum basically means that the whole plant was used in the production of the oil. This is important as CBD works better when all other cannabinoids are synergistically combined. All of Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oils are full spectrum.

What is Dr. Hemp Me's most popular product?

Dr. Hemp Me's 10% CBD oil is by far there most popular product and definitely my favourite. At €66.95 it is still expensive however when buying CBD oil you should always by premium products and Dr. Hemp Me is certainly that.

How much does CBD oil Cost?

Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oil's range from €34.95 to €249.95

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