A Review of the Most Popular CBD Oil Products in Ireland

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The wellness industry in Ireland is currently bursting with options of hemp products, one being CBD oil. CBD brands are popping up across the country, whether it be online through e-commerce stores or in health shops and pharmacies. For this reason it can be really hard to know where to start.

How can you tell if a budding CBD Oil brand is legitimate or simply jumping on the trend of hemp based supplements with low quality stock? Here I review the 5 CBD brands currently leading the way on the Irish market.

CBD Brands Available in Ireland – Tried & Tested

RankingWhere to BuyCoupon Code
#1 Best Brand: Dr Hemp MeBUY NOWCBDREVIEW10
#2 CBD EireBUY NOWeire10
#3 CeelabbBUY NOWSHAN10

#1 Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me is the elite of all CBD brands in Ireland. From customer service, product selection, quality hemp extract to efficient delivery, they have all angles covered. A visit to their Trustpilot account would reassure any potential customer of their validity and service.

taking cannabidiol supplement drops daily


Based solely online this brand dispatches CBD products from Ireland across the whole island and further afield to the UK and Europe. For customers who are apprehensive about purchasing online, the order process is very simple and an instant message service is available to use at all times if you are in need of any assistance.

Product Range

The range of supplements available from Dr. Hemp Me is extensive. There are a variety of CBD oils both full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and even hemp oils specifically for pets. Edible options include CBD Gummies and CBD Capsules which work by passing through the digestive system and then releasing the CBD content afterwards.

One topical option is available which is the hemp cream for muscles and joints. This is made with all natural ingredients, ones which are both traditional and herbal in nature. Finally there are CBD Pastes and CBD Vape products too. CBD Paste is a thicker consistency than CBD oil and allows for a higher CBD content to be added to the product.

Delivery time

Delivery times are flawless with next day delivery being a prime asset of purchasing from this brand. They use DPD couriers to ship orders around Ireland, the UK and Europe. Order before 2.30pm on a business day to avail of next day delivery.

In some cases the time schedule may stretch to 2 days but this is rare in my experience. For deliveries outside of Ireland shipping times vary.

Rewards System

Dr. Hemp Me have just introduced a brand new Rewards System to help customers save money on each order made through their e-commerce store. Even better you don’t just have to order to gain extra points on your account, you can also choose from a few other options to earn bonus points.

For example you can share a link to Dr. Hemp Me, you will find this link in your rewards account, on Facebook, Whatsapp or by email and receive points as a reward. You can review a product on the website shop and earn points that way too. Best of all on your birthday you are awarded 1000 points automatically just for being part of the Rewards Programme.

Visit the site to either login to your active account with them or create one to start earning points today, it really will save you money regularly on purchases.

Customer Service

Whether it is by phone, instant messaging or email the Dr. Hemp Me team really know how to look after their customers. Questions can be asked before, during or after purchase and you will get a quick reply.

#2 CBD Eire

CBD Eire is another Irish brand based out of Dublin, Ireland. Working via a vibrant e-commerce store, this brand has a different offering for customers, cold-pressed CBD oils. What does this mean? Well cold pressing means the plant, hemp, is juiced just like fruit to extract the hemp extract.

10ml bottles for quick doses


No heat, chemicals or other unnatural processes are used, just simple ‘juicing’. A lot of people seek this form of oil for the simple process it undergoes in order to be created. It also delivers in terms of quality.


They are an online store featuring quality cold-pressed Cannabidiol tinctures in a variety of sizes. You can get 10ml, 30ml and 100ml bottles sizes, whichever suits your supplement routine best. This brand also offer CBD vape oils for inhaling cannabinoids.

Delivery Time

Delivery within Ireland is very quick, almost always next day. The general timeframe is 1-2 business days for Irish delivery as they also use DPD courier services. CBD Eire also deliver further afield to the rest of Europe and the UK.

Customer Service

An instant messaging system is available for potential customers to contact while shopping on the website. It has a very good response time and with a real agent not just a robot persona.

CBD Éire


(051) 354 849

13 Adelaide Rd, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 P950, Ireland


#3 Ceelabb

Ceelabb are a key brand on the Irish hemp supplement scene and have been growing into a top player for a few years now. This brand has a great range of stock with a particular focus on CBD oils and CBD Vape Juice products.

ceelabbs light colour thc low level products


Products on Offer

Vape Juice in the form of CBD Vape Oil is one of the top products Ceelabb has to offer. These can be hard to find in the hemp supplement market in Ireland, especially quality CBD Vape products. Thankfully Ceelabb stock 5 flavours in various strengths. They also sell CBD oils, Gummies and branded goods like hats and phone cases.

Delivery Times

Delivery is efficient within Ireland and takes a couple of business days to be delivered. Ceelabb also stock their CBD products in various gyms across Dublin and all stockists can be found on their website.

Customer Service

Customer service is another plus for this brand, especially due to their social media presence. Ceelabb have made a name on Facebook and TikTok for featuring CBD content and informing the public of the potential uses of Cannabidiol. They have an instant chat feature on their website which is easy to use.

#4 Endoca

Endoca is a European brand of CBD products which is well known amongst Cannabidiol users across the continent. They deliver to Ireland which is why they feature on this list and of course they stock excellent quality oils.

hemp oils 1500mg strong strength


Product Range

Products are varied but not as varied as the first few brands on this list. The best product on offer with Endoca is definitely their ‘raw’ formula CBD oils. Raw CBD oil means the oil has not gone through any heating process and so the terpenes are rich and untouched during the creation of the product.

Raw Cannabidiol also contains CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid) which is a sought after element in full-spectrum oils.

Delivery & Service

Delivery from Endoca within Europe is a little slower than the former brands mentioned. As they are based within Europe and not in Ireland itself it takes 48hours to process an order once it has been placed. You can choose express delivery at an extra cost to specific countries listed.


CBD ONE is a high end brand of CBD goods based out of the UK. The product looks great, is effective due to good, quality ingredients and there are many ways to purchase thanks to bundle deals on offer. As a UK company there is a delivery option to nearby Ireland and that is just one of the reasons they are a tried and tested brand as part of this review.



CBD ONE offer a varied range of goods to hemp supplement advocates including drinkable, water soluble options which are more rare on the market place in Ireland. CBD oils, drinkable CBD and topical items make up the core of their brand which all can be purchased in bulk at a better rate than if bought individually.

Delivery & Service

The shipping service is good with all products ordered before 1pm being shipped out the same day. After this time if an order is placed the package will be sent out the following day (Monday -Friday). Delivery to Ireland is not guaranteed to come with customs charges however.

Which Cannabidiol Brand is Best for Me

The brand of CBD or Hemp Oil oil you choose will depend on a number of factors – delivery time, quality of products, supplement forms available and of course price. Some of the brands listed and reviewed offer better delivery times than others while some differ in the range of products they stock.

Dr. Hemp Me and Ceelabb are both great for offering different forms of hemp food supplements from CBD oils to CBD Gummies to Vape Juice and more. Others like CBD Eire specialise in tinctures only and are newcomers to the Irish Cannabidiol market so have yet to expand their range.

If your prefer high-strength hemp oil which is raw and dark in colour then choose Dr. Hemp Me or Endoca. In contrast if you like your CBD oil lighter in colour and in lower strengths then Ceelabb are a great option. CBD Eire offers a range of strengths using a refined formula which is a dark green shade and very good quality.

The choices in Ireland really are endless for potential consumers in this space!

What Strength of Oil Should I Choose

In my own experience, and research into the best strength for me personally, I have come to find that lower – mid strength products work best for mental health or health concerns linked to the nervous system and brain. This for example could be a 1000mg bottle of CBD oil or a couple of CBD Gummies per day.

calm and tranquil options for women

For inflammation, pain or anything of a chronic nature it is more beneficial to choose a high strength CBD product or to combine a topical ointment with oral CBD drops. It seems that cannabinoids need to be supplemented in a higher amount to work for chronic issues in the body. That being said, I have tried and tested many oils for migraines and found mid strength ones to be just as effective as high strength.

Best way to do it is to begin at a low-mid potency product and work your way up if needed over time.

When to Take & How to Use

CBD is can be taken in the morning or a few hours before bed, depending on the reason you are supplementing it for. For stress reasons, anxiety or anything in this area, morning doses work really well to start the day off positively and set yourself up for work, family or just day to day tasks.

To target sleep with Cannabidiol it seems that taking drops a few hours before bed is more effective than in the morning. However be sure to avoid taking a dose right before you go to sleep as this can have the reverse effect and make your mind a little too active for rest.

In the case of CBD oils, they work most effectively and absorb quickly into the body when dropped directly under the tongue. Some people like to mix the oil with a drink or water or juice to mask the taste particularly when giving to children. This is fine to do but it does dilute the product to a degree and send it through your digestive system which can break down some of the cannabinoids before they get an opportunity to enter your bloodstream.

Taking CBD supplements sublingually is 100% the best way to take it. As you drop the dose under your tongue it quickly is absorbed into the gums and into the body. The only way CBD can be lost this way is if the user swallows straight away or too early. Be sure to leave the oil under the tongue for minimum 90 seconds, more if possible to allow for maximum absorption before swallowing.

Lab Testing & Product Quality

So, how do you know if the product you are purchasing is laboratory tested? Brands with official testing documents will be open and transparent about this and should either offer them to the customer or have a section on their website where they can be accessed.

Laboratory reports should show the levels of particular cannabinoids present in the supplement plus they should declare the absence of any harmful metals or other possible contaminants to the product. Customers can tell a lot about a brands product quality by reviewing their lab test reports. Another way of checking out a brand prior to purchasing is to search for customer reviews online.

An excellent CBD brand will be as open about testing as they will about their service and product reviews from customers, so if they are openly shared and positive you know you have found the brand for you.

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