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Best CBD Cream in Ireland Reviewed

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What is CBD Cream?

CBD cream, or hemp cream as it can also be called, is a popular product on the CBD supplement scene. CBD topicals are topical CBD products infused with the cannabinoid CBD. Topical products are ones which are applied on the skin or outside of the body to provide benefits from the outside in. Topical hemp products can come in many versions with companies selling options like creams, balms, lotions, roll-ons and gels. Whichever version of a CBD topical you choose, they can have many benefits and be used in a variety of health applications.

My favourite thing about CBD cream is how easy it is to use and in particular the longevity of the product. Another pro is the potency of the cannabinoids in such CBD products. Topicals are a great source of cannabidiol and offer potential results for people with skin irritation. Topicals such as CBD creams can be a source of pain relief for people according to both anecdotal and clinical research studies. I personally have had no side effects when using or taking CBD products but every person is of course different. 

My personal review...


I have used Dr Hemp Me’s CBD cream for some time now. It is a CBD product that I use more sporadically than others like CBD oil for example which I use every day. This CBD cream was a great choice for me as I suffer with consistent pain coming from a lower disc in my back. This disc has essentially lost its density and so causes me lower back pain or when not looked after it causes sciatica in my leg. Consistency in terms of use and application is key with all CBD products. High quality CBD products are widely becoming more popular for relief from skin probelems such as irritation. So, quality and testing is another area I will talk about here.  

I have had to learn how to care for my back long term which means I have tried and tested some things that have worked and some that haven’t. My acupuncture mat, daily stretching, pilates and CBD oil are all routines of mine now that contribute to strengthening my back and managing pain levels. On top of this CBD cream has really helped my pain and I tend to use it more so when the pain is at a higher level. Recently after a small break from exercising I went for a run on concrete and a lot of it was downhill. I was happy with myself afterwards until my lower back started to spasm and become really uncomfortable. The force of the run on hard ground sent my back into increased pain for a few days.

During this time I relied on my CBD cream from Dr Hemp Me to target the muscles on my back directly. I have to say it really worked to relax my back and ease the pain significantly. I found it better and longer lasting than using a product like Deep Heat spray. My favourite aspect of this product besides the calming effects is that it lasts for a very long time. You really don’t need much cream to cover a large area of your body which is great, making the product good value for money too. It is an investment but well worth the price!

Combining CBD Cream with other CBD products…

CBD cream is one of those products that’s ideal for combining with another. For conditions where inflammation is affecting joints or muscles CBD can target the desired areas in more than one way. To target inflammation from the inside out CBD oil is ideal. To target visible inflammation from the outside like on joints due to arthritis, or other conditions of inflammation CBD cream is great.

Ultimate CBD starter pack

It perfectly safe to combine both CBD cream and CBD oil for extra help when targeting sever inflammation and pain in the body. Dr Hemp Me sees the benefit of combining these products and so they created a starter pack which gives you two high quality products for a better price than buying both individually. The Ultimate CBD Starter Pack is ideal for those who wish to use a topical CBD product but also manage inflammation within the body. Lab test results are available on their site for all CBD products offering transparency and assuring the safety of their product properties. 

How to use CBD cream and how often?

CBD cream is very easy to use and just like any other ointment application. All you have to do is use one or two fingers to take a very small amount of cream and massage it into the area that is inflamed and/ or causing pain or discomfort. This formula is moisturising but not greasy and smells amazing which is always a bonus.

You can apply Dr Hemp Me’s hemp cream as often as desired to the affected area but it may be wise if using this in conjunction with CBD oil to use the two at different times. This will allow the CBD to build up in your system and work consistently over the day rather than all at one time. 

Uses for CBD cream include…

  • Muscle pain
  • Arthritis
  • Acne
  • Skin inflammation
  • Wounds or scars
  • Insect bites

CBD Cream Ingredients...

Dr Hemp Me’s CBD cream is made up of CBD which is derived from Irish hemp. This cream is completely natural in terms of ingredients and is toxin -free. From readily available lab test reports and results it is visible to any customer that this CBD cream is free of metals and pesticides. Brand reputation is essential with CBD products and Dr. Hemp Me is a brand I have come to know and trust. To make this cream moisturizing, nutrient filled essential oils have been added to the CBD formula. Essential oils present in this cream include, tea tree, rose-hip, lavender, frankincense, camomile, linseed, sunflower and ylang ylang oil. This CBD cream also boasts a lot of nourishing, natural ingredients like beeswax, shea and cocoa butter and finally an extract of aloe vera.

hemp cream jars


Is CBD cream legal in Ireland?

CBD cream is certainly legal in Ireland…however it is not recognised as a medicinal product in Ireland as with all other CBD products. This means that doctors cannot advise their patients to take CBD related products as alternative health remedies and certainly cannot prescribe CBD to any patient. That is ok because you do not need a prescription to purchase CBD oil, cream or other related products. A good CBD store or supplier of such products will have the relevant approvals and information available for your viewing on their website in regards to legality and levels of CBD/THC in their products.

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