What Foods Have Vitamin D?

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When talking about vitamins, there is one that you will find is unique, thanks to its numerous benefits to the body. Vitamin D is unique because it is the only nutrient the human body produces when exposed to direct sunlight.

No other vitamin can be created or produced by the body. For this reason, some have nicknamed this vitamin the sunlight vitamin. Apart from getting the vitamin from exposure to direct sunlight, one can boost their intake by taking various dietary supplements or eating various foods rich in that vitamin.

Vitamins play a significant role in keeping the body functioning at its best and maintaining its health. Vitamin D, in particular, is essential for the development and keeping your bones and teeth healthy, absorption of calcium in the body and maintaining the health of muscles to keep your body healthy.

For this reason, lack of enough of this vitamin in the body can affect your health negatively, so it is advisable to take just enough to boost your immunity, even if it means taking dietary supplements.

Vitamin D – What is it?

This vitamin can be described as both a hormone produced by the body and a nutrient. It gets its unique hormone status because the body produces it when the skin is exposed to sunlight. On the other hand, it is a nutrient since we can get it from various foods we eat.

Since the vitamin is fat-soluble, one should eat a lot of fats to absorb the nutrient into the body. Exposure to sunlight accounts for approximately 80% of the vitamin intake by the body, with the remaining 20% coming from consuming food.

the sunshine mineral made for the immune system

Therefore, it is advisable to expose yourself to sunlight for some minutes daily to meet the body’s requirement of the vitamin. If your region of residence does not get enough sunlight daily, you can take supplements to boost intake or eat foods that have enough of the vitamin.

What Foods have the Highest Content?

Since not all people can get exposed to sunlight daily, taking this vitamin in food or supplements is the best option. Below are some of the foods that have the highest levels of this vitamin.

  • Oily fish: This is the food with the highest levels of the nutrient. Some examples of fish in this category include salmon, herring and sardines, canned tuna, and swordfish.
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms are the only good source of the vitamin. Some good examples of mushrooms include Raw maitake mushrooms and dried shiitake mushrooms. Other mushrooms with high levels of the vitamin due to their exposure to sunlight include UV-exposed raw portobello mushrooms and UV-exposed raw white mushrooms.
  • Egg yolks

How can one Boost the Levels of this Vitamin in the Body?

If you feel like you can’t get enough of the vitamin from sunlight and natural foods, the only option remaining is taking dietary supplements. These vitamin supplements come in two forms: D2, which is plant-based or found in fortified foods and D3, which is animal-based. According to research, D3 raises the levels of the vitamin in the body and sustains the body longer compared to D2.

How many Minutes of the Sun do you need Each Day?

To meet the body’s requirements for the vitamin, one should expose themselves to sunlight for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.

What Fruit is Rich in the Vitamin?

No fruit has this nutrient. However, some fruits like oranges have magnesium, which helps the body make use of the vitamin. Therefore, it is essential to add fruits to your diet.

Do bananas have it?

No. But, it is the best choice of fruit if you are looking to increase the activation of this vitamin by eating vegetables and fruits. Bananas are a good source of magnesium, which is very useful in activating the vitamin. Your body needs some amount of magnesium to get the maximum benefits of the vitamin.

fruits and vegetable sources of vit D3 for vegans

Do oranges have it?

Oranges are the only fruit that comes close to having this vitamin, but only when used to make fortified juice.

What Drinks have High amounts 

If one cannot get the required D vitamin from exposure to sunlight or food, they can opt for some drinks rich in these nutrients. Some drinks that are high in that vitamin include

  • Milk. Both cow’s milk and fortified milk
  • Fortified orange juice
  • Fortified yoghourt

What are the Signs of Low Vitamin D?

  • regular illnesses and infections and having immunity disorders
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Depression
  • Some backpain and pain in the bones and joints
  • Slow- healing of wounds
  • Muscle pain

What Causes a Drop of this Vitamin in the Body

There are many causes of low levels of this vitamin in the body. Some of the main causes of this drop are:

  • Not getting adequate exposure to sunlight
  • Not consuming the recommended amounts of the vitamin in your diet
  • Various health conditions that can hinder the production or absorption of the vitamin
  • Obesity or being overweight

What Vegan foods have Vitamin D?

If you are a vegan, getting the required amounts of this vitamin can be a huge challenge since most foods with high amounts are not vegan. However, this should not make you change your diet as there are some vegetables with high amounts of this vitamin. The best ones include:

  • Mushrooms: These are some of the vegetables that contain significant amounts of this vitamin. Not all mushrooms have the nutrients, but only those exposed to direct sunlight when growing.
  • Fortified cereals:Most breakfast cereals are usually fortified with the vitamin, making them the best options for vegans.
  • Fortified milk: Since vegans can’t take cow milk, they can take fortified milk made from soy, almonds and even rice milk. All of them have plenty of this vitamin.
  • Fortified orange juice: Even though oranges don’t have the vitamin, the juice is fortified with it, making it one of the best drinks for vegans.

Is Vitamin D Intake important in Summer?

Yes. It is advisable to maximise sun exposure during the summer and get the required amounts of this vitamin in the body when there is enough sunlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does the vitamin affect sleep?

No. However, having its deficiency can lead to sleep disturbances, negatively affecting their sleeping patterns.

Does low vitamin D cause weight gain?

No. lack of this vitamin cannot cause weight gain in an individual. However, it can bring about some unpleasant complications to their health.

Does the vitamin reduce body fat?

Though there is a possibility of this vitamin reducing body fat, research is still being conducted to determine this. Also, studies show that the vitamin could slow down the creation or production of fat cells by the body.

Does the vitamin make you poop more?

Yes. Getting the required amounts of this vitamin helps the body prevent constipation. According to research, deficiency of this vitamin can cause constipation. People suffering from constipation should regularly check the levels of this vitamin in their bodies.

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