Vitamin D – Black Friday Sales 2021

black friday cyber monday sales for vitamins and minerals

Black Friday is upon on us and its time to make plans for all the upcoming sales on vitamins and minerals you use every day. In 2021 it seems more common than ever that we include vitamins in our diets everyday whether to help with a medical condition, support our immune systems or to tailor our diets to our active lifestyles.


Well, here we have the best Black Friday Deals on Vitamin D supplements for you to shop. These deals will be updated as the big shopping day of the year draws near and more sales are released. Many brands will begin their sales on Sunday November 21st to kick off what is now referred to as Black Friday Week.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for a human diet. It can be found in many foods but the main way we people get Vitamin D is actually from sunshine. Sun rays exposure on the skin causes the production of Vitamin D in the body however, many of us do not get enough sunshine all year round so supplementing this vitamin may be a clever option.

What Does Vitamin D do?

The body uses Vitamin D to manage and correctly absorb phosphate and calcium which is necessary for the health of our bones, muscles and teeth. Vitamin D also works to support our immune systems and prevent infections or illnesses in us so it certainly one of the most beneficial supplements a person can add to their diet.

If someone does not get enough Vitamin D daily not only could it affect the strength of your immune responses but also can lead to deficiencies causing weaker bones and potential osteoarthritis.

Foods that have Vitamin D

To source Vitamin D directly from foods you can eat things like oily fish – salmon or sardines. Eggs, dairy products, red meat and cod liver oil are other great sources of this vitamin.

However for those following a plant-based diet or want to reduce their intake of animal products, fortified non-dairy options can be used like soy yoghurt or milk. Mushrooms and cereals that have also been fortified are other choices for plant-based diets.

Where to Buy Vitamin D?

You don’t have to look any further this Black Friday for deals on Vitamin D supplements. Here I have regularly updated offers for you to shop using one of Europe’s top suppliers of vitamin supplements.

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Take a look:


Black Friday 2021

With Black Friday getting close lets answer some important questions about the biggest shopping day of the year!

What Day is it?

This year Black Friday is officially taking place on 26th November. However do remember that Black Friday Week starts on Sunday 21st for many brands as they offer a week of deals including Black Friday itself.

What Day is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday 2021 takes place on 29th November and caters for brands with online platforms that day. Also note that many sales will finish up on this day so it will be your last chance to buy a bargain.

How Did it All Begin?

The shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday started back in the 60’s in the USA. Police started the phrase ‘Black Friday’ while describing the extra crowds and traffic on the streets following Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday takes place every year on the final Thursday in November so the day after is of course always a Friday. That Friday became known as Black Friday after the term coined by police resulted in shops and brands offering big discounts to customers every year.

As people were off work to celebrate with family and friends on the Thursday, they hit the streets on Friday to enjoy time off and grab some bargains. Today the tradition has spread globally and is bigger than ever before for both retailers and customers alike.

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