How & Where to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs in Malta

CBD Gummies for Dogs & Cats

Dogs are a popular pet in Malta, and dog owners are increasingly turning to CBD Oil as a natural health food addition. Following the success of this pet supplement, a variety of CBD oils for pets are now available.

So, how do you pick the best CBD oil for your canine companion? We’ve whittled down the selection of products available on the Maltese and European markets to present you a top-five list.

Continue reading to learn about the finest Cannabidiol supplement for your pet.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil for Dogs?

CBD for dogs is derived from the hemp plant, which belongs to the cannabis plant family. It has very little or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. This oil has become popular due to its human and animal health advantages.

CBD oils for dogs contain different carrier oils than CBD oils for people, according to the current pet CBD industry. Salmon oil is used to hold the CBD content in most products, rather than MCT or hemp seed oil in human alternatives.

Apart from making the recipe more appealing to your pets, salmon oil also improves their supplements experience by adding yet another source of natural goodness to their daily routine.

The Best Brands

There are a plethora of brands on the market today that claim to have the best CBD product for dogs in Malta. They come in convenient, tiny containers that you can easily transport to any location you want to take your pet. Dr. Hemp Me and CBD Éire are two of the most well-known brands in the market.

Brand Name CBD %Flavour Where to Purchase What You Get
Dr. Hemp Me - CBD Oil for Pets 2.5% | 5% | 10% Salmon Oil Buy Now cbd for pets dogs and cats Malta

These companies take pride in providing fast shipping to their consumers, so you’ll get your things in no time. All purchases may be made online, and through interactive chat capabilities on the site, you can be sure to get professional advice and help on pet items.

Let’s take a look at the best CBD oil for dogs providers on the Maltese market.

The Top 5 CBD Pet Products

The top 5 CBD Oil pet products on the Maltese market are as follows:

Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me is a well-known brand among Maltese dog owners who wish to provide the best natural health care for their pets. CBD oil for dogs and cats of all ages is available from this company.

Natural hemp extract is used to make the product, therefore there are no chemical additives or artificial substances in the oil. When it comes to this hemp-based product, you can rest assured that your furry pet will be getting nothing but natural deliciousness.

Dr. Hemp is a scientist who studies hemp. CBD and over 100 additional cannabinoids are used in Me’s CBD for dogs, but there is no THC. Depending on the weight of your animal, you can choose from three different concentrations: 2.5 percent, 5 percent, or 10% strength.

If an order is placed before 12 p.m. on any business day, it will be delivered the next business day. This company also ships swiftly to the United Kingdom and across Europe, taking up to three business days.

CBD Éire

When it comes to CBD in Europe, CBD Éire is one of the new market leaders. You can choose from several different strengths of CBD oil for your pet, depending on their size and needs.

This CBD oil for dogs contains a high concentration of CBD, which can help with a variety of health issues. CBD works by interacting with the body’s Endocannabinoid system, just like it does in humans.

If you’re not sure which concentration to choose, send a short message to a member of the team using the instant messaging option.

CBD Éire uses the cold-pressed method of hemp extraction, which involves juicing the plant rather than boiling it or using any chemicals in the process. Many CBD users agree that this is the most natural extraction method available.

You only need to go to their official website, select your desired goods, and complete the checkout process. After you’ve completed your order, you can look forward to receiving your product in a timely and efficient manner.


Cannadorra CBD Oil is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying CBD oils in a store. The business sells a variety of CBD products at cheap costs. In a matter of minutes, you may have CBD for dogs delivered to your house.

They have a large number of possibilities from which to choose. Their product claims are backed up by science and specialists with years of experience in the area.

Cannadorra CBD oil is made from non-GMO hemp that is legally grown as industrial hemp. It does not contain THC, and it has no negative affects on your pets when used.


Endoca CBD oil is one of the most reputable retailers of hemp-based goods. You can learn more about this brand by visiting their website and perusing their extensive line of CBD oil products. They have a large selection of oils and other related things that may be delivered to your door.

The oils are created from 100% pure hemp that is derived from industrial hemp, as required by law. There is no THC in this product, and it has no negative impact on your dog’s health.


Canatura CBD Oil offers a diverse product line to meet all of your dog’s demands. They’ve created CBD creams, balms, ointments, tinctures, and oils of the highest quality. Natural components extracted from medicinal grade hemp are used in their goods.

The company has more than ten years of experience in the cannabinoid market. They currently have sources for hemp importation in Europe and Canada.

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Safe for Dogs?

CBD oil is a natural medicine that can help dogs and other animals. According to anecdotal evidence and small scale research studies, it can control the symptoms of anxiety and other health disorders.

CBD oil has been shown in tests to help with arthritis, seizures, cancer, and a variety of other ailments. It’s crucial to note that while pet owners use CBD for these purposes, it’s illegal to sell CBD as a medicine. Instead, buy CBD as a food supplement to assure the product’s quality and authenticity.

What Are the Pet Benefits of CBD Oil?

Here are a few of the potential CBD Oil benefits for pets:


CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory qualities may be beneficial to dogs with arthritis. It may help to reduce inflammation and loosen your pet’s joints, particularly if they are elderly.

Pain alleviation

CBD oil has been shown to help with pain relief. Because of the amino acids and other natural goodness in the oil, it may be able to treat your pet’s chronic discomfort on a daily basis while also maintaining a strong immune system.

Infections caused by parasites

Infections caused by parasitic insects, such as fleas and ticks, are frequent in dogs. Many diseases can be transmitted to your dog by these parasites. CBD oil may help prevent parasites from using the dog’s body as a host, hence avoiding illness transmission.

Epilepsy and seizure disorders

Dogs, especially those prone to epilepsy, are prone to seizures. CBD oil reduces brain activity through changing neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin, which may help treat seizures.

It may also prevent seizures by expanding sodium channels, which cause an electric current to flow across neurons, causing seizures or convulsions in severe cases. All of this can help to minimise the intensity and frequency of seizures.

In Malta, where can I get CBD for dogs?

CBD for dogs is available from online merchants as well as pharmacies and health food stores. However, it is only available in Malta as a dietary supplement, not for therapeutic use.

CBD oil may be purchased online from specialised retailers like Dr. Hemp Me, where professionals are on hand to provide product recommendations for your dogs. This business has a wealth of experience with consumer comments from various pet owners. This is reflected in their Trustpilot and Google customer evaluations and testimonies.

It’s worth mentioning as a pet owner that CBD oils for your pets aren’t available through a veterinarian and don’t require a prescription to buy at a store.

Is it possible to use CBD Oil for Dogs on Humans?

People can use CBD oil for pets, although it is typically a low-strength substance that may not be as effective in humans. Furthermore, salmon oil is used to improve the taste for pets, which may not be appetising to people.

For years, researchers have been studying the effects of CBD on the brain and central nervous system, and the results have been promising. CBD oil is used to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation in many people.

What is the difference between cannabidiol (CBD) for pets and cannabidiol (CBD) for

Pet CBD is a hemp-based CBD extract with a high CBD content (a relative of Cannabis). Human CBD is a full-spectrum oil that provides many of the same benefits as cannabis. It’s made from hemp and contains all of the cannabinoids found naturally in the plant.

The active cannabinoid THC is another distinction between human and pet CBD. Pet CBD oil contains either a trace amount of THC or none at all, making it safer for pets to consume than human CBD oil because it lacks the euphoric qualities of human CBD oil.

It’s crucial to remember that cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp, is present in both pet and human CBD oils. The sole difference between them is the ratio of these two chemicals, THC and CBD.

What is the cost?

There is no recommended dose for CBD because it is an oil. The amount of CBD oil required is determined by the pet’s size, age, and overall health. It’s also worth noting that the pricing of the products is determined by the merchants or vendors.

Aside from the purchase price, the buyer must consider delivery and shipping costs to the chosen location.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of cannabidiol supplementation for your pet to help you make an informed decision:


Minor and infrequent side effects. It is generally thought to be safe for animals.
There are no known medication interactions with CBD.
CBD oil is a non-toxic substance.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol are two non-psychoactive chemicals found in CBD for dogs (CBG). For a long time, these components have been used to heal human illnesses.
Despite the lack of scientific evidence, experts believe that CBD can aid in the treatment of a variety of ailments and conditions, including epilepsy, arthritis, anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness, to mention a few. It may also aid dogs with epilepsy and other pets with seizure disorders.
cannabidiol supplement for dogs and cats in Ireland


It does not cure ailments, but it can assist to alleviate the symptoms of certain of them.
Diarrhoea, dizziness, and weariness are all possible side effects, albeit they are uncommon.
The taste of hemp may be unpleasant to finicky animals.
Should I give CBD oil to my dog on a daily basis?
Yes, you should administer CBD oil to your dog on a daily basis. Cannabidiol administration on a daily basis allows the body to steadily build up a supply of cannabinoids. This is preferable to giving CBD oil to an animal on an irregular basis, thus it is recommended to provide it everyday or every other day.

How long does CBD oil for dogs take to work?

The body of an animal takes 3-12 hours to properly respond to CBD oil. The biochemical mechanism, underlying circumstances, and the dog’s weight all play a role.

How long does CBD oil have an effect on a dog?

There is no conclusive answer to this topic because it is dependent on a variety of circumstances like the animal’s condition, weight, oil quality, and dosage.

When the product is used every day, on a regular basis, the best results can be obtained. This will allow the CBD content in the animal’s system to build up and act more efficiently.

What dosage of should I feed my pet?

Give your dog a dosage of oil based on their weight. A 20-pound dog, for example, should receive a daily dose of 20/20mg. Always look for instructions on the product label or ask a brand representative for advice specific to their product.

Do Veterinarians Advise CBD Oil?

Veterinarians in Malta generally do not advocate CBD oil because it is not thought to have any medical benefits. CBD oil for pets and humans does not require a prescription in Malta. It is available as a dietary supplement for pets.

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