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Ceelabb is an Irish online CBD store set up by Alan and Laura. As with any top CBD brand featured on this site Ceelabb have a great range of CBD products to offer to consumers. What stands out to me across their social media platforms and online store is their range of CBD vape juice. This is a very popular method of consuming CBD and they do a very good job of catering for this demand.


Ceelabb also offer two options of full-spectrum CBD oils – Natural flavour and CBD oil with added multivitamins and turmeric. Both options are available to buy in a range of strengths including 300mg, 500mg and 2000mg. CBD coffee, wax melts and branded goods like face masks make up the rest of their product range.

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Ceelabb CBD Vape Oil

I bought the Ceelabb CBD Vape Juice in Blueberry which contains 500mg of CBD. This has a really nice flavour and is mild in terms of strength. The vape oils sold by this Irish brand are affordably priced – I paid €30 for this 500mg bottle of blueberry vape juice. However you can save money by buying in bundles – 2 vape oils for 10% off and 3 vape oils for 15% off.

Ceelabb CBD Drops Blueberry 500mg

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In terms of choice and variety, Ceelabb offer four flavours and two strengths (200mg and 500mg). Flavours include Menthol, Blueberry, Watermelon and Highzenberg. My experience with Ceelabb was a positive one. The products came quickly (2 days) and were packaged with recyclable brown paper rather than plastic alternatives.

CBD Vape Juice Blueberry 500mg

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Ceelabb CBD Drops

When it comes to CBD oil I usually go for medium strength so this 1000mg oil was perfect. I bought the 1000mg CBD Drops 500mg Natural. The natural flavour is quite mild in terms of taste which is great as many people don’t like the often strong taste of some CBD oils.

Ceelabb CBD Drops 30ml

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The dropper or syringe is very long and gets right down to the bottom of the bottle so no oil will be wasted when you get to the end of your bottle. I found Ceelabb CBD oil to be very affordable and competitively priced within the Irish CBD market.

Ceelabb sell their CBD drops in 30ml bottles so they are large and will last you a long time. I generally only buy 10ml bottles of oil with other brands as I like to try various ones so the smaller bottles suit me.

Ceelabb CBD Oil Natural Flavour

This is the main criticism I have of this Irish CBD brand. I would like the option to buy a 10ml bottle of CBD oil and I think this is especially important for new users of CBD. Those who wish to try CBD oil for the first time may want to start small and simply try out the oil for a month or so. It would be ideal to have both 10ml and 30ml bottles for sale for this reason.

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