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The CBD Store is your one-stop online Irish shop for high-quality CBD products. Their mission is to improve wellness through the sale of high-grade hemp products. There are a range of brands featured on their online store – Endoca, Vitality CBD, Hempture, Eirlab and Cannaderm to name some. CBD Store offer the best of each of their brands and cater for everyone with the wide variety of stock.

CBD Store Product Range

What’s unique to CBD Store is the ‘raw’ range of CBD oils. Raw CBD oil refers to an unrefined and unheated product. Basically, raw CBD oil is not heated or filtered during the CBD extraction process. This method causes the presence of CBDa.

With a lot of CBD oils (refined oils) the oil is heated during extraction and the CBDa component is lost. What is CBDa? CBDa stands for Cannabidiolic acid and in recent years has been the topic of CBD research due to its health benefit potential. This is my first experience with a raw CBD oil and I really feel the benefits.

Taking a closer look inside this fantastic raw CBD oil I can tell you that it is gluten-free, vegan and contains 5mg of Vitamin E. Hemp Seed Oil acts as the carrier oil for the CBD content which means there are also added benefits from Omega’s 3 and 6 present in this oil.

Not only do CBD Store offer CBD oils but they also sell CBD edibles and topicals. Products include CBD capsules, vape oils, CBD infused tea and coffee plus CBD skin and hair products. They also offer CBD for pets in the form of treats and CBD oil. Hemp protein and sweets make up the remainder of their store stock.

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Endoca Raw CBD Oil 15%Hemp Seed Oil, 1500mg CBD, Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6100_hemp_endoca
Endoca CBD Lip & Skin BalmCBD Hemp Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Vanilla Extract, Limonene, Honeyendoca_lip_balm
Endoca CBD Chewing GumChicle Gum, Xylitol, Wild Peppermint & Mint, Sunflower Lecithen, Hemp Oilendoca_chewing_gum
Cannaderm Hemp Cooling Ointment Aqua, Alcohol denat., Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Symphytum Officinale, Arnica Montana, Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptus Globulus, Carbomercannaderm_gel

Let’s take a look at each in more detail…

Endoca Raw CBD Oil 15% (1500mg)

CBD Store stocks the popular Endoca Raw 15% (1500mg) CBD Oil which I couldn’t wait to try. I’ve been using this oil for the past month and can now agree that this oil deserves its place as CBD Store’s finest.

The strength is perfect for me – not too high and not too low. This is the first CBD oil I have tried which has 1500mg of CBD content and I will certainly be purchasing again. Typically, I use 10% (1000mg) or 20% (2000mg) CBD oil – always full-spectrum – and so I really liked this strength oil as it struck a balance between my two usual favourites.



The taste of this Raw CBD oil is strong but no stronger in taste than any high-strength CBD oil. I like the strong taste as it assures me that the quality is high and strength is as it states on the bottle. The colour of this oil is deep and rich as you can see in the picture I’ve taken here. I always like to see colour in any high-strength CBD oil I buy as it shows just how concentrated it really is.

So, you may be wondering what I’ve been using this CBD Oil for? I use CBD oil for a few reasons. One of my reasons for using this product is to prevent and manage migraines. Another is to combat anxiety, which can come and go for me. On top of that I use CBD oil as a daily health supplement simply for the regulation of my Endocannabinoid system.


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Endoca CBD Lip & Skin Balm

This Endoca CBD Lip Balm is my favourite yet. I love the smell, the level of moisture it provides and the added CBD of course. It does really last on my lips for a long time before I feel they are drying out in any way. The scent of this balm is lemon and thankfully refreshing as it sits right under your nose. On top of all this the balm contains 20mg of CBD plus 100% natural food-grade ingredients. This balm is not just for lips but can also be used on the skin for dry or irritated patches.



There is a nice rough element to this lip balm when it’s applied. I’m not sure what it is but as much as it is smooth overall there is a slight feeling of brushing across the lips when it is applied which almost feels like an exfoliation! I judge lip balms very harshly as I find it really hard to get one, I like and I have to say once this runs out I will be buying it again.

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Welcome to environmentally friendly chewing gum! I was delighted to try out this planet-friendly product once I heard it is 100% biodegradable. If you care about the planet and the litter we leave behind then you’ll be happy to know this product will biodegrade down to a dust thanks to the all-natural ingredients. The consistency of this chewing gum (chicle gum) is certainly new for me but is simply down to the fact that it contains no artificial ingredients. It is also gluten-free and sugar-free.

The flavour of the Endoca CBD Chewing Gum is bit mild for my own taste but it does have an initial fresh mint flavour. I do find that the flavour can wear off quickly while chewing but if the purpose of this chewing gum is for the CBD content then I would happily chew for a little while longer without a tonne of flavour. There is a decent amount of product in each portion of gum and it stays soft in my mouth for quite some time which is good.


I do wonder how much CBD is absorbed by the gums unless the gum is held in place to absorb just like an oil. Chewing CBD gum can add the CBD content of the gum to your saliva and then be absorbed by the body through the gums or digestive system. There is 10mg of CBD per piece and in my opinion this is a convenient and easy way to add CBD to your diet especially if you’re new to it. CBD chewing gum so far isn’t my first choice but why not try it out for yourself before you make up your mind!

Cannaderm Hemp Ointment 

CBD Store kindly added a sample sachet of Cannaderm’s Cooling Hemp Ointment to my order, and I must say I am very impressed with the quality of this cream. The scent is predominantly of the added Menthol which I like a lot. The menthol works to warm the area you rub the cream into and create a soothing effect.


I found this cream effective for the relief of pain and discomfort in my lower back where I have ongoing issues with a disc. Like all CBD creams I found this product generous when applying it on the skin – a small amount covers a large area of skin.

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