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Prime Spectrum CBD was founded by Marc Garrett with the aim of creating a safe and dependable, high quality CBD product. Marc was one of many looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical medications but was overwhelmed with brands advertising themselves as ‘premium’ or ‘number 1’ on the market when in fact their product fell very short of this very description.

As a result of his disappointment in so-called high-quality products Marc created Prime Spectrum. Prime Spectrum aims to give you CBD products that really work and which are certified safe to use.

It’s clear from Marc’s mission statement that a lot of time, research and effort has gone into creating the Prime Spectrum brand, resulting in high-quality, affordable CBD products.

Prime Spectrum’s CBD Product Range

A wide range of products are available on Prime Spectrum’s online CBD store. These products include a variety of broad-spectrum CBD oils, CBD capsules, Hemp oil balm, CBD protein bars, CBD Gummies and CBD coffee.

What I really like about the CBD oil product range is that different bottle sizes are available for purchase and the inclusion of a mint flavour also in some of their oils. In terms of strength, the Prime Spectrum CBD oil range includes 250mg (2.5%), 500mg (5%), 1000mg (10%) and the highest strength being 2000mg (20%).

Similarly, the CBD Capsules for sale from this brand can be bought as Plain or with the addition of Curcumin which is the main curcuminoid of turmeric. They also have a capsule dedicated to sleep which is a nice offering for those who suffer with sleep. Broad-Spectrum CBD products as sold by Prime Spectrum are all free of the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


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So, what CBD products did I buy?

In my own experience of using CBD I had only purchased full spectrum oils, that is until I decided to try Prime Spectrum’s Broad-Spectrum CBD range.

Of course, at first, I was a little bit skeptical as the oil content is different to what I usually use. I can now say after some time trying and testing these products on myself to anyone reading this.

I was not disappointed with the results.

Products I tried:

  • 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil – Mint
  • 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil – Natural
  • 2000mg Broad Spectrum CBD oil – Mint
  • 750mg Plain Capsules (25mg per capsule)


Prime Spectrum’s customer service is excellent in terms of their availability  both before and after buying products. The high level of support and open nature of this brand make it that bit easier for a new customer to enter into the world of CBD.

Prime Spectrum really care about your journey with CBD and offer to support you after your purchase through a chat with a team member. In terms of the online store, the site itself could be modernised but other than that it must be said that the information available is great on this website.

cannabinoids enclosed in a capsule for diet

Videos and written info are plentiful which helps Prime Spectrum be as much a hub of information as they are a retail outlet.

Instant Chat

The WhatsApp feature online is very visible and helpful. The inclusion of an instant chat is of great benefit to consumers while shopping online, especially for those unsure about which product to buy or who are having trouble putting through a sale.

3 Strengths of Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

There are a few potencies to choose from with Prime Spectrum CBD Products:

#1 Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg (My Choice)

Prime Spectrum’s 20% (2000mg) broad-spectrum oil is my personal favourite. This was my first time using a flavoured CBD oil and I really liked the minty taste. The 20% flavoured oil left a nice aftertaste and freshened my mouth up after each use.

The only downside to the flavour is that I find it a little harder to tell how long the oil has been sitting under my tongue as the mint is quite strong and sends its flavour across my mouth straight away. So, I left this particular oil in my mouth a little longer than the natural flavoured one before swallowing.

For the mint flavoured 20% Broad – Spectrum CBD Oil it costs €149.95 for a 30ml bottle. This is a lot of oil in one bottle and of a great quality so I definitely would rate this as very good value.

Why is this my favourite product?

This Broad-Spectrum oil is different to others as it is not derived from ‘full plant extract’. Instead, Prime Spectrum take out unnecessary parts of the plant such as waxes and chlorophyll. This extraction makes their CBD oil cleaner and ultimately gives it a better taste.

I use CBD oil as an active and preventative measure to combat migraines. My migraines can come with aura or more recently they affect the left side if my face and body causing a lot of uncomfortable sensations and make me feel very unwell.

They can begin when I’m feeling stressed or more often when my dairy allergy is triggered. CBD oil really is my saviour when I get a reaction to dairy and Prime Spectrum oil certainly helped me during these reactions.

For such reactions I would generally take a high strength oil so the 20% was perfect.

How does it help you?

Prime Spectrum’s Broad Spectrum 20% CBD Oil is very helpful for pain and /or inflammation. For health issues like my own which is related to the nervous system, the 20% CBD oil is a great addition to your diet every day to combat such symptoms. If you are looking fir an effective potent product with a minty taste this is certainly for you!

Pros & Cons

  • One of the strongest CBD oils in Europe
  • THC Free
  • Great taste
  • Unsuitable for users who only need a small dose or are new to CBD

#2 Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg

My first impression was that the oil tasted pleasant without that bitter and sometimes strong taste of CBD oil. This Broad-Spectrum 10% (1000mg) CBD oil is very easy on your taste buds and would be great for anyone looking for a mild and natural tasting oil.

For everyday use I would take the 10% broad spectrum oil to prevent migraines and just for my general mental and physical well-being.

prime spectrum broad-spectrum options

The only issue I experienced with these products overall was that the dropper in my 10% oil bottle was shorter in length when compared to the other two bottles I purchased. This shorter dropper made it difficult to get the end of the oil out of the bottle so I poured it under my tongue instead.

Hopefully this was just a once off as the other two bottles had droppers of perfect length to get all of the oil out of the bottle.

How does it help?

Prime Spectrum’s 10% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is a great oil to purchase whether you are starting out on your CBD journey or are a regular customer. If you are looking for mental clarity, a morning pick-me-up or an effective supplement to give relief to a range of health issues than this is your product.

This oil is potent enough to combat some pain but I would only recommend this oil for mild pain or inflammation. It is also a great option for those suffering from anxiety or  migraine.

Pros & Cons

  • The perfect oil for everyday use
  • THC Free
  • Great taste
  • Not suitable for those with chronic pain or inflammation

#3 Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg (A Starter Dose)

This oil is perfect as a starter oil and for those who wish to take a mild dose of CBD. CBD is biphasic meaning different doses have different effects. If you are unsure of what dose you will need you can always start out on this 5% CBD oil.

Combining this oil with CBD Capsules which Prime Spectrum also sell is another great way to begin your CBD intake each day. Find my review on Prime Spectrum’s CBD Capsules below.

If you are looking for a pet oil this could also be a good option for your beloved friend. 5% CBD oil is a mild dose and could be given in low doses to an animal. The Broad – Spectrum aspect of this oil also means that it is THC Free and as all the products recommended on this site, is perfectly safe for you and your pets.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent starter oil
  • THC Free
  • Nice taste and optional flavours
  • Not suitable for those used to taking a higher potency oil
  • To obtain a high dose a lot of oil needs to be ingested

CBD Capsules (25mg each)

Prime Spectrum’s CBD Capsules come in two options and act as a great alternative to traditional CBD oil. If you happen to not like the taste or the process of taking CBD oil, then CBD capsules are the alternative for you!

capsule in gel form from prime spectrum

 I liked Prime Spectrum’s Plain CBD capsules as I felt they helped my stomach which can be sensitive to certain foods. Of course this CBD option would be beneficial for a range of health issues such as sleep, digestion, migraine, anxiety, inflammation, pain. This product is available in three options – Plain, Curcumin and Sleep.

Pros & Cons

  • Mess-free
  • Easy to use
  • Soft gel for quick swallow
  • Some CBD content can be lost during digestion
  • Not fast-acting

Why Choose Prime Spectrum CBD?

The CBD market is ever-growing and it can be difficult and sometimes even confusing when choosing the right CBD product for you! From my own experience with Prime Spectrum CBD you can be guaranteed excellent customer service in terms of advice, information and delivery.

Of course, the products themselves as reviewed by me live up to the brand’s claims in terms of quality and effectiveness, not to mention the affordability of this range. I would certainly recommend Prime Spectrum CBD products and happy to have found yet another excellent Irish born CBD brand!

Please note that if you purchase a product through a link on this page, I may earn a small commission. I only include products I believe may be useful to those reading my product reviews.  

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