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Harmony is an influential CBD brand based across Europe and a top brand of CBD products. In my own opinion Harmony is one of the leaders in CBD vape oil products or cannabis e-liquids as they are referred to by the brand. Harmony originally launched its first product back in 2014. The founder, Antonin Cohen, started studying the hemp plant, its benefits and uses in 2008 which led to the eventual creation of the Harmony brand. The science of CBD is embedded in the history of this CBD brand and its hemp products.  Harmony’s cannabidiol comes from one of the most popular cannabis strains, hemp. 

What is Harmony CBD Vape Oil?

E-liquid or CBD vape oil is terpene paradise. Harmony gave me my first taste of CBD vape products and I was really impressed with the quality of each. You probably can’t find a better brand for the sheer variety of CBD products on offer and variety of flavours within the CBD vape oil range. The Harmony CBD vape range offers something for every type of consumer. Personally I tried the OG KUSH e-liquids which tasted great and really alleviated the onset of a migraine I developed at the time.

In addition to CBD e-liquids Harmony also stocks broad-spectrum cannabis products like CBD oils, CBD isolates, terpenes and CBD skincare. I particularly love the branding on their products which consists of colourful and vibrant packaging. Why not make your product look as good as it performs in the cannabis world? Hemp products are after all deserving of visual ingredients as well as terpene paradise!

E-liquid flavours are…

  • Pineapple Express
  • Mango Kush
  • Pink Lemonade

Harmony CBD products are broad-spectrum and not full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD products include the entire range of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant which means full-spectrum products contain trace amounts of THC. Harmony CBD products however do not contain a detectable amount of THC in the ingredients as this is eliminated in the extraction process. Why not try the best e-liquid on the market?

What CBD vape products did I try?

Customer Service – what’s it like?

Harmony has an excellent website, which is both professional and accessible. The only issue you may have is deciding what to pick as there is so much on offer! But, that can only be a good thing as there is something for everyone on this online store. E-liquids on offer include Kiwi Skunk, Custard and classic OG Kush or classic strawberry. The appealing designs of their product range, the detailed ‘About page’ and the sheer variety of vape oil choice is what makes this review easy. One issue I have is the absence of an instant chat on this site as I think it’s crucial for an online store. However I did send Harmony more than one email and received very friendly responses promptly. The addition of an instant chat would really help those unsure about CBD or those who may be having an issue with an online purchase. 

Is CBD oil or CBD vape oil better? 

In my opinion it really depends on the person and what they want to use CBD for. Everyone leads a different lifestyle, which adds to the reason you may choose CBD oil over CBD vape oil. A smoker may find they prefer CBD vape oil. From my experience I think CBD oils or tinctures are the best way of taking CBD but again this is what I found suits me best. I began my CBD journey using vape oils from Harmony and recently returned to them in a bid to replace my irregular smoking pattern as a smoker. What I love about vape oils is that they get into your system very fast! I use CBD oil for bad migraines and I can say for sure that CBD vape oil is the best remedy on the market in my experience for fast – acting relief. 

Does CBD e-liquid make you high?

CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil does not make you high. The cannabinoid responsible for causing a ‘high’ is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This cannabinoid is not present in Harmony products as they are all broad-spectrum which means this cannabinoid has been eliminated in product production. 

Retail – €31.40

This starter kit is a favourite of mine. I don’t know if it is the cool vape pen or the handy pods that come with it but all in all it ticks all the boxes for a starter kit for me.

This kit also comes with three different pods to start you off – OG KUSH, MANGO KUSH & SUPER LEMON HAZE.

Personally, re-filling vape liquid is not my favourite thing to do and more than once I have messed the process up a bit with my clumsiness resulting in the loss of some precious product!

That is probably why I like this kit as the convenient pods make refilling that bit easier.

How does it help you?

Harmony’s CBD vape oil range and their ingredients offer many applications to everyday life. Applications of these CBD products include relief from anxiety, a daily addition to your diet as a food supplement or to help you quit habits like smoking. CBD products and hemp are an ideal choice for those who are experiencing inflammation and/or pain plus many experience a positive change in their sleep patterns among other benefits. This kit is ideal as it gives you everything you need in one box. The variety of pods allows you to taste each and find your flavour paradise for future purchases. 


  • One of the best CBD vape brands in Europe
  • THC Free
  • Great taste


  • Unsuitable for users who don't like vaping



Retail – €20.65

This is a great starter vape kit for anyone wishing to transition from smoking cigarettes or vaping nicotine based products.

The kit comes with a choice of one of Harmony’s most popular e-liquid flavours – O.G. KUSH or Moroccan MINT. Both are great options for flavours but I personally like Moroccan MINT best.

The pen included in this kit is easy to use and especially suitable for those just starting out on their CBD vape experience.

All items included in this kit are affordable, third party tested and more than anything are easy to use.

How does it help you?

Harmony CBD Vape Oil is a great option whether you are starting out on your CBD journey or are a regular CBD consumer. If you are looking for mental clarity, a morning pick-me-up or an effective supplement to give relief to a range of health issues than this is your product. Vape oil is fast-acting and you can manage you own dosage as you vape a particular amount each day. 


  • The perfect kit for everyday use
  • THC Free
  • Great taste


  • Not suitable for those who don't or can't use vape products



Retail – €6.60 to €41.31 

I personally loved this lemon haze flavoured CBD vape liquid. The flavour can be described as zesty, fresh and aromatic.

This CBD vape oil is pleasant to taste and leaves a nice lasting flavour in your mouth.

Wondering what gives this CBD vape liquid its fruity flavour? Well, this CBD e-liquid includes limonene which is the same terpene found in lemons.

As you can see above the price of this vape liquid varies as do all varieties on the Harmony online store. Here is the breakdown:

  • 0mg     CBD  – €6.60
  • 30mg   CBD  – €8.26
  • 100mg CBD  – €12.39
  • 300mg CBD  – €24.79
  • 600mg CBD  – €41.31


  • THC Free
  • Excellent flavour


  • Not suitable for those who don't or can't use vape products



Why Choose Harmony CBD Vape Oil?

Harmony CBD Vape oils are some of the best in the industry in my opinion. They have a huge selection of CBD vape oil flavours from lemon to mint and strawberry to tobacco plus many more! The quality of their vape oils / e-liquids are excellent with a range of strengths available online to order. Choice, design, service and all at an affordable price. 

Tempo Starter Kit

Rating: 10/10

Harmony O.G. KUSH Vape Kit

Rating: 8/10

Lemon Haze Vape Oil

Rating: 9/10

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