Will CBD Keep Me Up at Night?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural cannabinoid that has been shown to have significant medical benefits. It’s one of the most popular supplements on the market right now.

The hype around it has led many people to wonder whether CBD will keep them up at night, and if so, how much CBD should they take?

This article will point out some things you need to know about CBD before taking it for sleep purposes and answer some frequently asked questions.

Hemp Extracts

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis and hemp plants. It is one of the most popular supplements that has been shown to have significant health benefits, including reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

Hemp extracts, which contain high levels of CBD, are becoming more popular as people learn about the potential health benefits of this chemical compound.

The Endocannabinoid System & How it Works

The Endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors in the body that are responsible for managing many different processes, including sleep. CBD interacts with this system to help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality among other things.

CBD Oil or CBD Gummies, Which is Better?

Here we will compare the two most popular hemp supplements on the market today:


CBD oil is an extract from cannabis and hemp plants that contain high levels of CBD. It can be taken to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. Many people take CBD oil before they go to bed or when they feel like their anxiety is getting out of control.

The effects of CBD oil last for many hours, so it’s best to only take the supplement shortly before going to sleep.

Edibles with CBD

CBD edibles are CBD oils that have been attached to food products – typically Gummies. Although there haven’t been any studies specifically on CBD jellies and sleep, the same effects of CBD oil should be expected from CBD Gummies as well.

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In general, it’s best to take a dose shortly before going to bed so that the effects will last throughout the night.

Which is Better?

CBD Gummies are handier and nicer to take, but CBD oil is absorbed quicker by the body as it is absorbed under the tongue rather than digested. However, for anxiety relief and sleep, both can provide similar benefits.

Do CBD Supplements Work for Sleep?

Let’s take a deeper look into the research behind CBD use for insomnia and other sleep issues.

Research Studies

CBD has been shown in several scientific studies to have beneficial effects on sleep. A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that CBD oil improved both REM and non-REM sleep in people who suffer from anxiety.

Another study, this time focused on CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, showed that it can help improve sleep quality in people with chronic pain. CBD was found to help reduce inflammation, which can cause pain and disrupt sleep.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that CBD was effective in reducing insomnia in people with cancer. The study participants who took CBD reported improved sleep quality and fewer sleep interruptions.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are currently underway to study the effects of CBD on sleep in people with different conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety. Preliminary results from these trials suggest that CBD may help improve sleep in people with these conditions.

The Bottom Line

Overall, research suggests that CBD supplements may help improve sleep quality. CBD oil and CBD Gummies can both be effective at reducing anxiety and improving sleep, but they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for medical treatment.

If you live with anxiety or another condition that disrupts your sleep, talk to your doctor about whether CBD might be an effective treatment for you.

Anecdotal Evidence

Many people who take CBD oil or CBD Gummies for sleep report that they have a better night’s sleep. Some people say that they don’t wake up as often during the night, and others say they feel more rested in the morning.

CBD is my anti-anxiety go-to. I take a few drops of CBD oil under my tongue, and my anxiety melts away within 10-15 minutes. It’s also very effective for insomnia. I’ve found that taking CBD oil or Gummies before bed helps me fall asleep faster and deeper.

Is it Good to Take CBD Before Bed?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking them just before bed works best. Taking too many doses throughout the day may cause drowsiness and interfere with your work or school schedule.

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You should take CBD oils or other CBD products for 2 hours or more before sleep. It’s best to take them at this time of day for the purpose of sleeping too.

Does CBD Oil Make You Sleep Less?

No, CBD oil helps you to sleep better and longer. CBD oil has been shown in several scientific studies to have a beneficial effect on sleep. Researchers believe that this is due to the anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

How Much CBD Can I Take at Night?

CBD oil is safe to take every night. As CBD is non-narcotic, there are no concerns for addiction or building up a tolerance like with traditional sleep aids.

The best advice is to start with one dropper full of the oil under the tongue at least 30 minutes before bed. If you don’t feel results after an hour, then take another dose.

Why Does CBD Make me so Sleepy?

CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors in our bodies. These cannabinoids play a role in regulating things like the immune system, anxiety, and mood. When CBD triggers these receptors, it creates a calming effect on the user.

Will CBD keep Me Up at Night?

No, if you want to take CBD at night, it is more effective than taking it in the daytime. When taking CBD during the day, you will likely still feel some of the effects of the oil after work or school.

The best time for sleep aid is 2-3 hours after the last dose to allow for metabolisation and processing from your liver.

Our Verdict

CBD has shown itself to be effective in treating several different sleep disorders. As more research is done, this list is sure to grow as well as the number of people who find relief from their insomnia and other conditions.

Taking CBD oil shortly before going to bed will allow it to work throughout the night as you slumber. You should not have any issues staying asleep when using CBD oil as a sleep aid.

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