Is it Safe to Use CBD Oil Every Day?


Regular users claim that for a CBD food supplement to be effective, taking it every day is vital. Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the hemp plant which is a relation to the cannabis plant. Researchers have found that CBD supports a human’s Endocannabinoid system, which regulates mood, sleep, and immune response through various research studies. 

Many users report feeling stress relief when taking a CBD supplement as part of their everyday diet and an increase in concentration. Women and men who take CBD food supplements are also now giving it to their animals. Notably, CBD is different from THC – the active ingredient in marijuana that causes intoxication. THC is known to cause a high which alters a person’s state of mind. This is not the case with Cannabidiol. 

Oil is one type of CBD product, and many others exist on the market. Indeed, the popularity of CBD-infused products has grown in the past few years. Users can purchase products composed of only CBD or goods that have a spectrum of other nutrients and cannabis compounds. 

Full-spectrum products, or goods that contain various cannabinoids and oils, vitamins, and natural compounds, might work as well or better for some users than just CBD doses alone. Specifically, if you have existing liver conditions, discuss any CBD usage with a doctor first since the compounds in CBD are processed through the liver.

While unlikely to cause severe harm, if you are already taking medication to help your liver process effectively, CBD risks interacting in a way that is not in your best interest. Side effects of CBD products are not common as researchers claim this food supplement to cause no known harmful side effects. Still for your safety you should consult a doctor first if you are unsure about adding CBD oil to your diet or alongside other health treatments or medications. 

Why has CBD become Ireland’s Most Popular Supplement?

In Ireland, the Misuse of Drugs Act does not include CBD, so all available supplements are legal. From food supplements to oil and creams, CBD is widely available in Ireland.

Primarily, CBD is rising in prevalence because it is affordable. Reasonable prices for a product that’s use has been claimed to help alleviate stress and promote a healthy sleep cycle are excellent for people using CBD products. This is especially so when more traditional options for dealing with stress are more expensive or time-consuming. 

Additionally, more people are interested in CBD products since the product’s origin is natural and often organic. CBD oil is free of preservatives and additives when made with full-spectrum hemp extract, making it the perfect natural alternative to chemical products. Experts in Ireland believe that Cannabidiol products are one of the most exciting trends in the current wellness movement. 


Because CBD is legal, affordable, and natural, many people in Ireland find CBD products fit nicely into their health and wellness routine. Potential health effects are anecdotal in nature and there is not enough study done by researchers to review the possible health treatment status of CBD oils and others. 

How Often Should I Take CBD Oil Supplements?

It is impossible to overdose using any CBD product, but the daily dosage is up to each person individually. Ask questions about dosage when purchasing your CBD oil and do research online. A CBD dose for someone with depression will differ from a person suffering from physical symptoms of pain. 

Adding more drops every week or so to gauge your body’s response is the best method for optimizing CBD usage. During this trial, when you reach a point where the CBD is creating no additional benefit, then you have found the daily dosage that works best for your goal. 

If you are trying a CBD tincture or oil, beginning your journey to discover the proper daily dosage should start with ingesting 10 milligrams (mg). Carefully reading product labels is essential since 10mg could be just a few drops or a larger quantity. If your preferred method utilizes a CBD pill, you should look for 20mg tablets since your metabolism will need more time and energy to process the pill. 

For topical oils or creams, which can help heal the skin epidermis, the dosage required for results varies significantly between products. Using topical ointments infused with CBD will help with external issues only and will not provide the same mood improvement results as ingesting CBD. 

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

Users do not experience intoxication with CBD oil, which reduces or eliminates any addictive properties. According to a 2017 World Health Organization (WHO) report, “evidence from well-controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential.”

CBD derived from the hemp plant contains almost zero THC, so without the “addictive high” associated with THC, dependence on CBD oil is very low. However, since hemp and marijuana are tied to the same plant, CBD product producers can pull extracts from marijuana. THC levels are higher than that of hemp-derived CBD and could potentially cause a low level of intoxication. 


The most common side-effect of using any CBD-based product is drowsiness. So, if you seek relief from insomnia and have discovered a daily dosage of CBD that helps you to fall and stay asleep, you might become dependent. However, this dependency is no different than relying on an over-the-counter sleep aid, like ZzzQuil. 

CBD Products are Safe

In Ireland and across the globe, CBD is in high demand due to increased social popularity and extensive uses. Effectiveness for the individual is based on their chosen method of ingestion, whether tincture, oil, or pill. Personal expectations also play a smaller, though still noteworthy, role.

CBD works alongside many proteins in the body and central nervous system, and many users claim that CBD products lead to improved mood and less anxiety. Results from CBD usage vary from person to person. 

CBD is not addictive, but if a person who has used products regularly suddenly stops, then there is a possibility for some side effects. All in all, CBD oil is a safe and effective product used by people worldwide. 

Shannon O’Sullivan
Shannon is an avid CBD user and health writer whose years of experience trying many different brands including Dr. Hemp Me, Endoca and more. Sign up for her free newsletter here or visit her Linkedin profile.

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