A Guide to CBD Oil in Ireland

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As per the Misuse of Drugs Act, pure CBD is not exactly a controlled substance in Ireland. It falls under what you might call a grey area due to the European Novel Food Regulation, which governs the placement of CBD products.

In Ireland, CBD is considered a “novel food,” meaning it has no long history in the region. Although, this term is interpreted differently depending on who you ask. Research studies and results of clinical trials using CBD are not plentiful enough to confirm the claimed health benefits to the body. 

Nevertheless, CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, Ireland included. Over the last few years, many people have been flocking to this food supplement known to alleviate symptoms of various health issues like anxiety, stress, pain and inflammation.

Many people, both men and women, even claim positive results regarding the quality of their sleep and general health in both body and mind. The same benefits have even been anecdotally reported for pets

As a result, the overwhelming response to this cannabinoid supplement has prompted many countries to reconsider their laws in hopes of effective regulation. In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide to understanding CBD, cannabis compounds and the laws related to it in Ireland. This article will also guide you to where you can find quality CBD products such as CBD drops or hemp oils in Ireland. 

What Are CBD Supplements, and Why Are They Becoming so Popular in Ireland?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. When taken on its own, it can provide relief for several different ailments without the highly psychoactive effects typically found in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

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As a leading product in the wellness industry for its claimed health benefits, CBD is already proving to be of great economic value globally. Often taken as a supplement oil, many people advocate for CBD as a means to live a healthier lifestyle without the need for excessive pharmaceuticals, or prescription medications from a doctor. 

What Way Can I Take CBD Supplements & Are There Side Effects?

CBD food supplements can be taken in a variety of different ways these days as the popularity and availability of CBD nutrients grows. CBD drops can be placed under the tongue each day where they go through an absorption process through the gums and into the blood. CBD cream can be placed directly on the skin and focus on a particular area of the skin or body.

Another method of intake is CBD capsules which are really the same as taking a typical capsule of calcium, vitamin D or magnesium each morning for bone health reasons,  immune system and others. They are processed by the digestive system which means it can take longer to show effects but people rather the convenience and absence of that hemp taste.

CBD Gummies are becoming more popular by the day as they are one of the easiest ways to consume Cannabidiol and make it simple to manage dosage.

Status of Cannabidiol in Ireland

Ireland’s laws surrounding CBD can seem a little contradictory depending on how you get your hands on it and what kind of product it’s classified under.

For example, the EU ruled that hemp plants containing under 0.2% of THC are legal to carry. However, this does not apply to hemp-derived CBD as no CBD products are allowed to contain any THC at all. 

Moreover, Ireland also prohibits the use of CO2 solvent extraction in making CBD products, which is the most effective method of producing any THC-free cannabis product.

CBD and the Novel Food Regulation

Even though Ireland’s Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 prohibits all cannabis derivatives that contain THC, CBD itself is classified under a different regulation. As we mentioned earlier, all rules regarding CBD in Ireland stand under the European Union’s Novel Food regulation.

Since CBD didn’t have much of a history of consumption in Europe before the Novel Food Regulation was published, it was classified as a novel food. 


As a result, the extraction method is what has been under review. The Irish government concluded that CBD extracted with solvents or supercritical CO2 extraction would require a Novel Food permit from European Commission (EC). If not, CBD suppliers can market their products as neither food nor supplement.

Ultimately, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) concluded that cold-pressed extraction of CBD is safe and permitted for sale.  However, this method is less common and often produces a less effective product than CO2 extraction. 

How to Buy CBD Products in Ireland

Most people in Ireland opt to purchase CBD products through various online retailers. The most popular European brands that ship to Ireland are Reakiro, Endoca, or Nordic oil.

Because CBD is still within a grey area, you risk having your items seized at customs, despite them being free of THC. Thankfully there are many Irish websites which retail CBD products and have very quick delivery within the island. This way you are buying within Ireland and can talk to Irish suppliers about their experience with this food supplement. 

Fortunately, as of late, the Irish government is currently in talks about considering complete cannabis legalization, following Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018This ease of restrictions is likely to make CBD much more accessible, particularly products like CO2 extracted isolates and full-spectrum hemp oils.

Tips for Buying High-Quality CBD in Ireland

It’s important to shop cautiously for CBD in Ireland and be vigilant of low-grade products that could be mixed with other substances. A single dose or long -term dosage should be researched by the user and don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about this.  

The following are some tips for buying high quality CBD products in Ireland.

Research Before You Purchase

Try to locate reputable brands with lots of online reviews that might indicate the quality of the CBD before buying blindly. Seek out brands that have already built a positive reputation.

Full-spectrum Hemp Extracts

Full-spectrum CBD or hemp oils fall under the grey area of the Irish status surrounding CBD. However, as they contain all cannabinoids present in the plant, including THC in trace amounts, they are known to serve the full benefits and effects of the cannabinoid CBD to the body.

Look for a Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

A CoA proves that the product was tested for quality, purity, and safety.

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Shannon is an avid CBD user and health writer whose years of experience trying many different brands including Dr. Hemp Me, Endoca and more. Sign up for her free newsletter here or visit her Linkedin profile.

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