CBD Gummies & Where to Buy in Ireland in 2022

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CBD products are used for some medical conditions, in cosmetics and veterinary care. You will find CBD products in various forms such as CBD oils, CBD Gummies, CBD creams, beverages, pet foods, and others. Of these forms, Cannabidiol jellies boast the best flavour of all, and an easy method of supplementation.

They can be used by adults and children for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity. There are many brands of CBD Gummies in the CBD market today including Dr. Hemp Me which all have varying qualities. But, like everyone who goes out to buy CBD Gummies, you only want the best!


What is Cannabidiol?

The hemp plant contains over 110 cannabinoid extracts. One of these extracts is CBD (Cannabidiol). Cannabidiol was discovered about 80 years ago and is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid that can be extracted from hemp, CBD is non-psychoactive.

CBD is thought to have many potential medical benefits. So far, only one product classified as a drug has been produced from CBD in the world. This drug is Epidiolex approved in the USA for treating 2 types of epilepsy in children. More research is still ongoing to determine the medicinal effects of CBD on the body.

Why Gummies are Now the Second Most Popular Cannabidiol Product

Full-spectrum CBD oils are currently the most popular CBD products however, edibles are gradually catching up. The reason for this is down to user experience and taste too. There are clear differences between CBD oils and CBD Gummies.

For one, jellies taste better as they come in a variety of fruity flavours and essentially eliminate that strong hemp taste. They are easier to consume and are very suitable for children, used only under the supervision of a parent or guardian. CBD oils have a distinctive taste which varies depending on the strength of the oil.

The option of Gummies handily contain a fixed dose of CBD, making them quick and easy to supplement with. CBD oil on the other hand requires you to first measure a dose, usually using the provided dropper and then drop it under the tongue.


CBD products can be made using either full-spectrum CBD extracts, broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Full-spectrum extracts are not as refined as broad-spectrum or CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD may contain other cannabinoids like THC, but in trace amounts. While broad-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids but no THC. In general edibles on the CBD market such as jellies do not contain THC.

Perfect for Kids – Why?

CBD Gummies are perfect for kids because of their fruity flavour and bright colours. Kids would rather consume these tasty sweets over CBD oil as it can have a very earthy taste. Some adults even find it tough to consume CBD oils because of its distinctive taste.

Gummies are made in a way that they can be chewed, just like a traditional jelly or chewy sweet. So, if a child hates swallowing CBD capsules, or consuming CBD oil they can enjoy munching on CBD Gummies instead!

Full-spectrum CBD oils are made from full-spectrum hemp extracts. For this reason, they are likely to contain trace amounts of THC. CBD Gummies, on the other hand, contain no THC at all and in this light offer more protection for kids.

If you are supplementing your child’s diet with this form of hemp it is important to store them safely away from children. Kids may want more than they should have and might even take one without your knowledge. So, make sure to store the CBD jellies in a place your kids cannot reach as 1-2 per day is the maximum dosage!

Dr Hemp Me’s CBD Gummies

Dr Hemp Me is a top-notch CBD Gummy product with each one containing 15mg of CBD. The Gummies are a mix of fruit flavours including kiwi, cherry, strawberry and more. Apart from being flavoursome, they are also very handy.

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You can consume them any time, anywhere. Taking them is as easy as throwing one in your mouth and chewing on it. With Dr Hemp Me CBD Gummies, you get taste, convenience, and safety as lab test reports are available for each batch.

Product Ingredients

This product contains certain organic acids that contribute to the taste of the Gummies and offer some added value. These organic acids are malic acid and citric acid. Together these 2 acids create a sweet-sour gummy taste. Malic acid can also help with tiredness and fibromyalgia.

Citric acid is used as a preservative in the Gummies and can act as an antioxidant. These CBD Gummies are not suitable for vegans, vegetarians. All flavourings used in production are natural, while colourings are natural too.

How Much CBD Does Each Gummy Contain?

Each one of these CBD Gummies contains 15 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and some Cannabigerol (CBG) too. They also guarantee no THC in the product, eliminating any potential worries of THC content when supplementing. Like CBD, CBG offers some therapeutic benefits, adding to the total benefits of these Irish Cannabidiol Gummies.

The Status of Edibles in Ireland

In Ireland, cannabinoids which are added to food or used as supplements are fully legal. The legality is due to the fact that they are sourced from the hemp plant. CBD Gummies fall under the class of cannabinoids used as supplements.

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So, CBD Gummies are perfectly legal to buy and consume in Ireland once they are sold as a food supplement and nothing more. There is much anecdotal evidence online for the potential health benefits of such products but manufacturers and stores selling CBD supplements do not have the authority to make any such medical claims.

Flavoursome, easy-to-chew, and containing plenty CBD, Dr Hemp Me is positioned as one of the best CBD Gummies to buy in Ireland. It makes for a great alternative to CBD oils or capsules!

Please note that if you purchase a product through a link on this page, I may earn a small commission. I only include products I believe may be useful to those reading my product reviews.  

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I am an avid CBD user and have tried and tested many CBD products from a variety of CBD brands. I began taking CBD when various prescription medications failed to stop my debilitating migraines. After trying CBD Vape oil and later CBD oil itself, I decided to switch from my prescription to this hemp dietary supplement. The results were instant and consistent in helping to reduce the frequency of my migraines as well as the onset and strength of each one.

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